Brighten up my day...

I stopped by the House and Home website and came across these fabulous interiors from Melissa Thompson and Rod Moore's home. They are just a breath of fresh air. Hope you like them as much as me!
{All images from House and Home Magazine}

Blog lovin' ???? I'm not feeling the love...

Does any of you know much about Blog Lovin' I set my blog up on it and no followers :-( I update my blog reguarly but no one seems to stop by via blog lovin'. Does many of you use it?

I'm not feeling the love...


Some ideas for christmas presents, If only I had lots of time to make and do, but the good news is that I still have 2 full weeks off work before Christmas :)

Exciting times....

Well my new home is coming along well, all the upstairs walls are in place and they need to be slabbed and plastered. We are currently looking at windows, which is proving more difficult than I thought. Anyway I was very excited when I heard this good news. I am having a wood burning stove which will heat the snug, up to 12 radiators and also the water. I want a stanley stove which is an Irish brand. In order to fulfill our brief the Waterford Stanley Erin Stove was the one we would have to go with. I wasn't that keen on the look of it though. Here is an image of it below, it is based on more traditional style.

But low and behold they just launched this new stove- Stanley Reginald Solid Fuel Stove which I really like, I love the more streamlined look and it will look much nicer in my new home. What do you think?? I have not yet priced it though so fingers crossed it won't be too expensive!!  
{Images from Waterford Stanley}

Farm Chicks

I found this lovely website and blog while browsing the web this weekend and thought I'd share it with you all. I love it and as I am moving to a farm I feel it is totally me, I love rural life and represent all that is rural :-) What is a Farm Chick?

According to the website 'A Farm Chick is a girl who sees the world through rose-colored glasses. She loves her family. She laughs a lot. She's farmgirl meets Fifth Avenue and with a little style, she'll change the world'
I hope you like it as much as I do!

Light up my life.... :)

Possible ideas for some lighting for the hallway in the new house. I like both of these light fittings. Our entrance hallway is double height and we will need a large light fitting to hand from the ceiling and also give off alot of light. I like the first fitting below which is from IKEA, however as it will be very high up I'm afraid it would become a nesting place for spiders and their cobwebs and then I will have to try and clean it very regular. The second fitting I have seen in a local light shop, it is about 6foot long and is very elegant, although it could look somewhat clinical but if I go with it my hallway will have to be very contemporary in style. Any ideas from anyone in blogland would be great, do you know of any nice light fittings that may suit? If so let me know :)


Gisela Graham products, so gorgeous.... Would make great christmas stocking fillers :)

Retail Reviews

Have I mentioned Pip Studio before, if I have please forgive me, if not go check it out. So pretty, so sweet, so cheerful, so colourful, so me!!!

Doors, doors & more doors...

So many choices, so many ideas, so many types, oh what to choose!! Perphaps the last one.. Have you any nice examples??

Mirror mirror...

I stole these photographs from amazon and ebay, just to show you the same mirror as I have in my dressing room. When I move to the new house I hope to put this mirror in the spare bedroom on top of a chest of drawers. I also have a iron bed to for the spare bedroom, I hope I can pull the different styles off ok. Have you any suggestions??

Some pretties for your home...

Dear blog friends, hope you are all having a nice week, thought I would share these pretty cushions from heatons with you all. Almost the weekend :) Have you any nice plans?

Update No. 5 on my new home...

Here you go, as you can see the upstairs windows are taking shape, the roof is felted and now we are waiting to get the side gables plastered and windows in before we get the roof tiled. It really is coming along quick but the inside work will be slower progressing. At least it will be water tight for christmas!
I always take photographs from this angle and you can't really see the sunroom to the right hand side as this is where the opening is from the road and also there is a large pile of topsoil in the way to take a photograph from straight on. To the left hand side there is a room in the attic space,  this will be my secret room/ den which I will put all my books in and a small desk :)

Over priced??

Recently online I saw this beuatiful crochet bag and thought wow-it is so pretty and so me!!! Then I looked at the price and it was over 2,000 just because it was chanel, well I think I have seen much nicer crochet handbag on some blogs online!!!
That's my rant for today. Still love the bag though :)

My Treasures...

Yesterday I made this pom pom garland and put it in my bedroom with all my other treasures. I just used fishing wire and threaded it through each pom pom.
I'm thinking of changing the green and red pom poms into small christmas decorations for the tree, what do you think?

Update No.4 on my new house...

Yes it's another update on my new home. This time I took the photograph from up the field the opposite side of the road. The electricity wires are the opposite side of the road and won't be in our view. I like how the roof profile doesn't really break the skyline. You can see where the two upstairs windows are going to be. In my last update the house looked very big but I think that now the roof is taking shape and there are only two windows upstairs it looks much more in keeping with the countryside. Since this photograph was taken on Sunday the felt is now on the roof. The side gables and the chimneys now have to be plastered before the tiles are put on the roof. You can see where we have the topsoil all piled at the front of the garden which will be spread out over the garden once it is completed. We have looked at stone for the porch too.

And here is a sample of the type of stone we would like on the porch, it is Donegal stone.
So that's the update on my new home...

Photos from the weekend...

I spent this weekend in County Donegal Ireland, here are a few photographs I took, the weather was nice. I just love the sea air.
A view of the sky from my parents holiday home, isn't it beautiful.
A distant rainbow.
A stroll along the beach.

And the last two photographs are of County Longford Ireland from the last weekend in September.
A view of the countryside
And a quaint country cottage, isn't it pretty....
Hope you are all having a lovely week :)

Retail Reviews...

On a recent weekend break in Kilkenny with my boyfriend, we were driving to our hotel when he spotted this ever so pretty shop, the shop front was a gorgeous vibrant blue and I thought to myself oh that's a shop I would Love.... The windows were adorned with beautiful treasures and trinklets, really my type of shop. So I'd thought I'd share it with you all, it's called the Butterslip Shop. I recommend you visit their facebook page here.


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