Two Things to Interest You this Weekend

Hello everyone, have you any nice plans for the weekend? I am busy these days with work and I am also doing a short course too. It takes a while for me to get use to doing 'homework' or 'assignments' when it is years since I was at college. It is important for us all to up skill ourselves though! Here are a few images and items which may be of interest to you this weekend.

1. The Wild Atlantic Way (WAW), If you haven't heard about it yet, you will! And you will have to check it out! It is said to be one of the most exciting touring routes in the world, covering 2,500 km along the west coast of Ireland. It will offer memories of a lifetime. So check it out on Tourism Ireland website for further details. It has not yet been officially launched and as far as I am aware there will be website for it too. You will hear and see lots of things about it where ever you are in the world! 
 {Images: Tourism Ireland and the two bottom corner images are my own}

2. Lambing and Calving Season: again I'm sure you all know that the Farm is brimming with life now with Spring in full swing. I love the wee baby animals and here are a selection of my images of the farm. All the calves are ours and the lambs and pony are our neighbours- I took a few photographs from across the fence. Bet you wish you were a farmer's wife when you look at these images :)
{All images my own}

Proud to be Irish

If you are from Ireland or elsewhere, you have to watch the new promotional video for Ireland- it really will make you want to love our little country. Enjoy!

Saint Patrick's Day is on its way!

Saint Patrick's Day = Long weekend, some time off work = We love you!!!!
How are you celebrating?

A Home of Two Halves- Contemporary with a Retro Twist & Country Shabby Chic

This time last year my home was featured in IKEA Live online Magazine- hope you all liked it! Things are still progressing with the house and there is only one room left to decorate. I promise to post more photographs when the sun begins to shine again. Today we had no rain so perhaps Spring is finally here. Here is a link to my home from IKEA Live last year.

Since last year, IKEA have featured a number of Irish homes including the home of Amy from Dublinia Blog which I follow. Her home is a home of two halves- downstairs it is contemporary with a retro twist and upstairs it is more like my home with a country, shabby chic feel. Visit IKEA Live to see more of Amy's home. 
All images via Dublinia


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