Thank you so so much :-)

I was working late this evening and when I got home there was a parcel waiting for me :) Exciting! I knew where it was from, it was my wonderful prize I won over at ..... A Mermaids Purse.... Kazzys wonderful blog, full of lots of pretty interiors, crafts, illustrations and images. Full of lovely treasures and personal touches. Thank you so much Kazzy :)
Have a look!
What is this???
Oh an envelope....

And look what's inside...
How pretty is this card, it is so me- floral patterns, flowers, birds and butterflies...
And more...

A lovely receipe which I must try, I'm trying to improve my cooking skills
And there's even more...
At this stage I was smiling from ear to ear, I could also smell something really nice..
and here it is...
I've named her Lucy
So adorable and she smells lovely too :) Think she'll fit in really well in my bedroom near the radiator as she will leave a lovely scent in my room :-)

And last my not least- the masterpiece of my parcel... I got a sneak peek of it on Kazzy's blog but it looks much much prettier and perfect in reality...
Look at the detail of the wee mouse, think that's Lucy :-)
And look at the fairy, the detail and delicate flowers in her hair, I think it is adorable and want to get it framed as soon as possible.
Thank you so much Kazzy you are so kind and such a good blogger friend. Sending lots of good wishes and hugs across the water to you and Sweetpea :) I will try and have your return parcel in the post this weekend.

Today I tried....

To paint!!! I got this canvas with the image on it for christmas and decided to paint it today. The poor wee cat is a little strange looking and the sky has no clouds, but it was my first attempt, that's my excuse anyway! P.S the white bits came out pink in the photograph but I assure you they are white in reality
Hope you are all having a nice weekend and for those of you in the UK enjoy the long weekend, we have ours next weekend :)

Some Pretty Irish Thatched Cottages...

At work today I was out driving and spotted some wonderful old thatched cottages- I love them, they are full of charm and old world- so pretty and quaint. So I decided to share with you some images of traditional Irish thatched cottages, I didn't take this images myself. Hope you enjoy!!
County Galway

County Tipperary

County Clare

County Mayo

County Limerick

County Meath

County Leitrim

County Roscommon

There you go, hope you like them all, they are all so unique, full of character and charm! To find out more about them or if you are really keen the good news is ... they are all for SALE!!!
So if you would like to browse or buy visit Daft for all types of property in Ireland. And no I am not getting commission for mentioning this website but I just love looking through it :) I'm a nerd!

Another Weekend down on the Farm..

This weekend the weather was wonderful here in Ireland, it was 26 degrees. Everyone was out and about and I spent some time on Sunday wandering around the farm. I spotted a big birds nest and low and behold there were eggs in it. Then I spotted the mother- she is a wee Moor Hen very secretive. She has nested in a small pond like water body in the farmyard which is unusual especially when there are lakes all around, but at least she will be safe here. I read that Moor Hens like to eat animal feed so that may be why she nested right in the farmyard. Here are a few photographs of my stroll around the farmyard. I hope you all had a lovely weekend and had lovely weather too :o)
Can you spot the nest?

Take a closer look, it's blurry as I had to zoom in alot

And can you spot the eggs??
 There are two in sight and possibly more, I also read that it takes the chicks 21 days to fly so I hope to get some photographs of them. Hopefully I will not miss them.

Here are a few other photographs of paradise...
As I look around at the lovely landscape, the trees, the lakes, the scrub, the islands- it seems like time has stopped, no people, no buildings, just the wonders of the natural world all around me, my escapism!

This bull was relaxing in the shade, I was the other side of the hedge and fence though!! He had a big ring in his nose- very stylish!!

Update On Me & My New Bunting!!

Hello my dear friends,

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend, the weather is beautiful here in Ireland :o)
I haven't been blogging very much recently as I have a lot of stuff going on and I'm also busy at work. I must apologize if I haven't stopped by your blogs much lately. I have booked flights to Edinburgh for July as I am visiting some friends who I met at University, so that is something to look forward to. What have you all been up to?

I got this free bunting in one of the Ideal Home magazines and thought it was cute, so I put it up in my study/craft room along with the heart bunting I made- what do you think?

P.S: Do you remember I previously wrote my Goals for 2010 in a post entitled Goals for 2010- so many dreams waiting to be realized- well in that list at Number 12 I had wrote:  Start a very big project (It's top secret though so I can't share it with you all yet)

Well next week all might be revealed and if so I will be posting about it :o)

Some Items for my Wish List :o)

I haven't been out shopping in a long time now, but I still love to take a look online at all the lovely home accessories on offer, here are a few lovely items I saw on the Marks & Spencers website. Our nearest M&S store is about an hour from my house so I don't get to it too often and it doesn't stock any of the homewares :( I also love Next home accessories but again I don't get to the shop too often. The first set of images are all ways to update your home with a few choice picks. Check out the adorable gingham teapot and cups and saucers, the pretty table lamp and  red cushions- they are some of my favourites.
And for some inspiration these folklore trends are really in. Again the cushions are really fabulous!

And finally some lovely summer blossoms- all things floral which I love!!
 *All images above from Marks & Spencer

What does your bathroom look like???

Is it green?

Or have you wood around the walls?

Maybe it's very modern?

Or perphaps it has very clean lines?

Is it really clean and bright?

Or just plain and simple?

I love exploring all types of interiors and that includes bathrooms, I apologize again that I have not links to each of these images above but again if you know where I got them let me know. I love them all, they are all soo different but yet so stylish!

While in the shops last weekend I noticed so many pretty accessories for bathrooms which were cheap and cheerful, here are a few items I saw that caught my eye.

      {All items above are from Dunnes Stores}

A Visit to a Car Boot Sale

Bank Holiday Monday I decided to bring my Dad for a drive in the morning time so we headed for a Car Boot Sale. It was good just to rummage around and take a look at all the stalls/ boots/ vans/ trailors full of other people's items, I didn't bring the camera but I will share with you what I bought. I will go again some weeked soon to another one I know of. I prefer it to the markets as there is a very large market every Saturday on the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland however it tends to have stalls with seconds, generally clothing, electricals, tools and bed clothes which aren't really my thing. I prefer to get an odd bargain and something more unique.

So here's my shopping/bargaining:

A beautiful small white and blue crochet blanket with wavy edges. I have to wash it yet but once it's washed I'll show you it properly, I thought it would look nice in my blue bedroom on the wicker chair- pretty isn't it- I got it for €4.00

Next I got this nice dainty tea cup and saucer which I thought was quite pretty for €4.00, it is now displayed in the glass cabinet in the kitchen. And there you have it- my purchases at the Car Boot Sale. I'm an amateur really!


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