Some Pretty Irish Thatched Cottages...

At work today I was out driving and spotted some wonderful old thatched cottages- I love them, they are full of charm and old world- so pretty and quaint. So I decided to share with you some images of traditional Irish thatched cottages, I didn't take this images myself. Hope you enjoy!!
County Galway

County Tipperary

County Clare

County Mayo

County Limerick

County Meath

County Leitrim

County Roscommon

There you go, hope you like them all, they are all so unique, full of character and charm! To find out more about them or if you are really keen the good news is ... they are all for SALE!!!
So if you would like to browse or buy visit Daft for all types of property in Ireland. And no I am not getting commission for mentioning this website but I just love looking through it :) I'm a nerd!


  1. They are so quaint and gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I would LOVE to live in one of those. Thanks for sharing!

  3. My Grand father's family came from County Clare in the 1850s. I wonder if they lived in a house like these? Probably not, they look far too cozy to leave.

  4. It's my dream to live in a thatched cottage! The County Meath one is my favourite.Cottage like the ones you've shown are SO expensive around here.We're staying in one this bank holiday weekend.I hope the ceilings aren't too Mr Boo is 6ft 4ins!

    Bellaboo :0)

  5. What lovely cottages! Pure gorgeousness. Happy thoughts for a sweet weekend. xx

  6. Absolutely fabulous! When I win the lottery one of them is first on my list! xxx

  7. Oooh they definately have Tilly Rose written on them....I want them all!!!!!!!!!!!
    Maybe if I win the lottery ??

    Have fab weekend hunny....
    Karen x x x

  8. What charming homes! What fun to live in one! Have a blessed weekend!

  9. Hi, I'm your new follower.Please drop by my place any time.Adore the thatched cottages.

  10. Lovely, I imagine that my great grandparents from Tipperary may have lived in something just like this. Thank you for posting the beautiful pictures. It is my dream to visit beautiful Ireland some day...the land of my ancestors..


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