What does your bathroom look like???

Is it green?

Or have you wood around the walls?

Maybe it's very modern?

Or perphaps it has very clean lines?

Is it really clean and bright?

Or just plain and simple?

I love exploring all types of interiors and that includes bathrooms, I apologize again that I have not links to each of these images above but again if you know where I got them let me know. I love them all, they are all soo different but yet so stylish!

While in the shops last weekend I noticed so many pretty accessories for bathrooms which were cheap and cheerful, here are a few items I saw that caught my eye.

      {All items above are from Dunnes Stores}


  1. Lovely bathrooms, bathrooms are one of my favorite rooms in a home! Ours are modern, but I tried to add some classic-looking accessories so they're not too stark!

  2. My bathroom is green and simple, but no where as lovely are your pictures. I can dream of one though. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day.

  3. Gorgeous bathrooms ... :0)

    Shirl x

  4. I wish..... A family of 6 using one bathroom, So many towels, lotions and potions, Hmmmmm. Roll on the day our 2nd bathroom is finished.

  5. We had our bathroom 'modernised' just under a year ago. It's similar to your 2nd pic ... but not as grand!! ;-)

  6. I just love the last photo!! When we moved into this house we inherited bright turquoise walls! Other than that it is very charming!

  7. I would love a rolltop bath in my bathroom!
    I have white tiles with a blue border,and blue and white Masons..Crabtree and Evelyn soap dishes,and big jug(which I got for a fiver in the CS).The curtains are 'sweet pea' by Laura Ashley,and I have blue spotty towels.I love the bathroom in your last pic!

    Bellaboo :0)

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  9. What I meant to say was that I really love the clean and bright. SO inviting! xo

  10. Lovely bathrooms! I love the hooks that spell out bath, nice!

  11. Oh I love the green bathroom and the plain and simple bathrooms! My bathroom is more country. A little shabby chic. It desperately needs an update! There is floral wallpaper and I rather not have wallpaper up.


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