Getting ready for Spring time...

For Christmas, my husband bought me a surprise. I wondered for a long time as to what it might be... I knew it wouldn't be clothes as he isn't into picking out clothes for me. My mind was racing wondering what could it be... He mentioned that he bought my present online and that it was being delivered by courier, but I still didn't know what it was... Then Christmas morning I got up and opened my big surprise- Yes... Hunter Wellingtons! I was admiring them all year when I saw them in magazines and was always complaining about cold feed in my cheap €10.00 wellies. So now I have all the comfort coupled with the style for practical use on the farm. The cows are calving again now for the Spring so I will be busy in the evenings when I return from my day job... So now at least I will look trendy on the farm and one thing is for sure my husband will spot me in the dark, I won't need to hear a hi vis vest now with the my neon pink hunters!


  1. Oh I looooovvvvvveeee them, you must tell me how the hold up to real farm work!so green!


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