My home featured in IKEA.... part 2

As promised, below are some more images of my home featured on IKEA Live Magazine. Once I have the Spare Bedroom completed I will share the photographs with you. I am looking forward to Spring time and some sunshine, it is very difficult to take good photographs when the weather is so miserable.

My Spare Bedroom
My Bathroom
To read about my home visit IKEA Live Magazine February Edition

My home featured in IKEA.... part 1

As some of you may be aware IKEA House Call contacted me earlier in the Autumn time through my blog. I was very surprised when their marketing section asked me if I would be interested in featuring my home on their online Live Magazine. So I took them up on their offer and submitted my details, information and photographs to them. I was a bit sceptical about submitting my photograph but I thought I might as well... So here are a few of the images they used. My camera isn't great quality so I really didn't think they would ever feature my wee home. It is still very much a work in progress but here are some of the images featured;

My kitchen
My Dining area
To see more of my home, visit IKEA Live Magazine February Edition.

My Valentine's Style

What's your Valentine's Style? I bought this black sparkly dress on ASOS, my friend bought me the crystal ear rings and I already had the eye shadow. I am preparing in time...

Pretty Pastels...

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend and that the weather isn't too bad where ever you are! The weather has been pretty miserable this past week with rain, sleet and snow. I am longing for some sunshine to brighten up the dark days, but for now I am indulging in some pretty pastel colours throughout my home to keep the place bright and light. Here are a few images of some pretty pastels from my pinterest page.

Getting ready for Spring time...

For Christmas, my husband bought me a surprise. I wondered for a long time as to what it might be... I knew it wouldn't be clothes as he isn't into picking out clothes for me. My mind was racing wondering what could it be... He mentioned that he bought my present online and that it was being delivered by courier, but I still didn't know what it was... Then Christmas morning I got up and opened my big surprise- Yes... Hunter Wellingtons! I was admiring them all year when I saw them in magazines and was always complaining about cold feed in my cheap €10.00 wellies. So now I have all the comfort coupled with the style for practical use on the farm. The cows are calving again now for the Spring so I will be busy in the evenings when I return from my day job... So now at least I will look trendy on the farm and one thing is for sure my husband will spot me in the dark, I won't need to hear a hi vis vest now with the my neon pink hunters!

Pretty Cottages...

I'm sure you may have already come across this wee cottage before on the internet. It is Fig Tree Cottage. It is so pretty and almost looks like a dolls house. It is located in Australia, however it isn't your typical Australian home.
As featured in Country Living owners Jason Oliver Nixon and John Loecke decided to restore and conserve this neglected schoolhouse to chic cottage. Both images above are from Hooked on Houses website which is full of lots of beautiful houses.

Wonderful Wallpaper

Do you like wallpaper? Do you think it is a thing of the past? Well let me introduce you to Pip Studio wallpaper, it is so pretty, so vibrant and so on my wish list! How pretty would it look on one wall in a bedroom as a statement, so prehaps in an alcove. There are lots of styles and patterns to choose from, however I must admit they are very girly, lots of florals, pinks and pretty patterns- just the way we like it!  
{All images via pipstudio}


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