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Last weekend I didn't get to go anywhere nice, the weather wasn't great so it was a stay at home weekend but sometimes I think we all need time to just relax at home, catch up on chores and meet with friends and family.

So I have no Sunday Trip photos to share with you. Hope your not too disappointed but I just had to share these few photos with you. They are taken just outside the back door of our house in the garden this week, they belong to our neighbour but I want to keep them all :) I hope you like them now... They are so so cute...

Mother and wee baby lambs

{"Come on Maaa, what are you looking at?"}

{"Oh look there is a silly girl there looking at us"}

{"Pass no remarks on her and she will go away, I prefer to eat this shrub/plant"}

{"Oh go on then, I'll pose for a second for the camera"}

I'm a big child, but when it comes to cute wee lambs I love them :) So playful and full of life :)

Pet Talk- trade, share, learn and love everything in the world of pets!

Two of my good friends launched a brand new innovative website last year and it is really taking off now. They have combined their love of pets and computers to launch the website Pet Talk. It is all about pets and animals. We all love cute animals, be it puppies, dogs, cats, kittens, rabbits or even reptiles. Lots of you have pets too, they make great companions don’t they.

There is alot of interest in the website from animal lovers all over the world. It is a community and trading hub for all things pet related. Their site is a place for pets and their owners (aka you and me) to gather and swap daily tails of adventure. Having spoken to Jonathan the owner of the site he thinks of it as social networking for pets and their owners. So why not check out their new pet pages and add a pet page for your own furry friend (I did- bet you'll be able to spot my pets anyway!).

The pet pages allow you to build a profile of your pet, blog about your pet and most importantly add photos so everyone can see just how cute they really are. People can vote for their favourite pet. PetTalk also offers you a chance to share your pet stories, queries and general pet talk in the forum area. Even if you don’t have a pet you’ll enjoy looking at the cute animals. So I recommend that you check this new community and website out and get your pets featured on it!

I LOVE Interiors, Ideas and Inspiration....

{Images Via Ideal Home}

Here are some more inspiration for you all, I love Ideal Home Magazine and their beautiful styling, it is a very good magazine and their website is really good too. You should all check it out, it has so much home styling information. I always take a look through their gallery and find more inspiration, fabulous homes, ideas, tips and style. Do you know any more websites I can find more inspiration. I love all the styling and interiors you post about. So if you know as any nice websites/ blogs with lots of interiors and styling let me know! Thanks everyone :o)

A girl can never have too many shoes...

I had to go shopping a few weekends ago to buy some birthday gifts and I decided to get myself a new pair of sports shoes for casual wear, the current pair I have are over two years old now, I bought them in Paris when on holidays. They are light ones and very comfy. As I ain't really sporty I don't need veery expensive ones but as I get a lot of wear out of them I like to buy a very comfy pair
Here is a photograph of my new ones, I like the colour :)
And here are a pair of shoes I've spotted and will have to put on my wish list, they are really unique and quirky
{Irregular Choice}


{Image from HomeShoppingSpy of new Cath Kidston Range}

{Image from HomeShoppingSpy of new Cath Kidston Range}
{Jane Mount Ideal Bookshelves}

{Jane Mount Birds}

{Room Envy- Country style}
{Quilt Cushions from Berry Red}

{Sausage Dog- Cox & Cox}

I hope you enjoyed all these pretty items that I have come across, I love them all and thought I'd share them with you :o) I'm sure most of you have already saw some of them or even own them. Hope your all having a lovely week and we're over half way to the weekend now :o)

Come along with us on our Sunday tour....

This Sunday I had a fully charged camera to bring on our trip to Lovely County Leitrim. Why not explore all the lovely sites I saw. It was dry and sunny but cold at times. I hope you like the photographs. The first is of the courthouse, It was converted into a gallery/ theatre and design house for arts and crafts.
Here are a few of the boats that travel along the Shannon Erne Waterway in Carrick on Shannon.
A pretty quaint courtyard which now houses a coffee shop but it was closed when we were there.
Another view of the boats at the waterfront.
Again the old cut stone courtyard buildings, I think they have markets here on Thursdays.
More cruise boats
This is said to be the smallest Church in Ireland, isn't it very quaint. I couldn't get a great photograph of it as there was a car on the street blocking the view.

We went on a stroll through this wee urban park which lead to the waterfront.
And came across this converted church which is now a restuarant.
And a closer look, it is nicely restored, I love when old ecclesiastical buildings are converted into new uses.
A Georgian house which was located next to the courthouse, very grand indeed.
Pretty cherry blossoms I just had to photograph them, they are such lovely trees with their perfect pink petals.
This landscaping was in a small village we passed through, isn't it pretty with the bog oak sculpture and the water feature.
And across from this sculpture was this wee railway man on the signage to mark the village railway station
So there you have it, our tour on Sunday, it was quite short but there was lots to see. We hope to make it to the seaside some of the weekends soon :o) I love the sea air and I'll be sure to take some photographs to share with you all :o)

Some more Sunday Shots...

As you already know I love to go exploring on Sunday's with my boyfriend, last Sunday we went to the grounds of a lovely estate run by the National Trust, the weather was beautiful, I was all set to take lots of photographs but as usual my batteries died. I got in a frenzy when I saw the light flashing and got to take these few photographs, so that explains why they are at funny angles. These cottages were part of the old farmyard which was converted into self catering accomodation.

Here is a photograph of the Castle in the distance, the castle is privately owned so we didn't get to see inside :o( We were very disappointed as I'm very nosey and like to see everything!
There were also the ruins of an older castle on the grounds of the estate, a boat house, workers cottages, summer house, mill and stables. I was very disappointed as we had gone here another Sunday in March but it was closed and that day my camera wouldn't work properly either. The grounds were beautiful with an array of wildlife. There were sheep and new born lambs bouncing about in the fields. This Sunday I'll make sure I have the camera batteries fully charged as I'm going to charge them now.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and I'm looking forward to you all sharing what you got up to.

Some Spring Time Inspiration.... :o)

Here are some more interior inspiration for you all, please forgive me as I don't have credits for these images but if you know what website I got them from, remind me.

Firstly here are a selection of floral patterns which look wonderful with the plain block colour of the sofa,

And how cosy is this living room, although I have to say those beams would quickly become a nesting place for a variety of spiders and insects which I am not fond of in the home.

This bathroom is very clean and crisp looking with the white walls and furniture, I like the idea of a white bathroom which you can then accessorise with coloured towels and mats to change the mood of the room, floral pattern towels in the summer time and darker brown, black rust, red, green and grey tones in the winter months for warmth. The aqua in this bathroom looks very bright and fresh looking.

More patterns used on a white palette, so cheerful and bright all year round :o)

How pretty is this utility room and although the washing machines are not integrated with a door on them, they don't distract from the room, the rack to hang clothes is very handy and I love how practical this room is.
So that's some of the interiors I really like this week, they are all colourful and cosy just the way I like them and practical too :o) What interiors are you liking this week, why not share them with us all, let me know if you post some as I love getting lots of inspiration..

Today I love...

Floral Patterns, flowers, flowers and more flowers everywhere...
{Cath Kidston}
{Bag of Sparkles}





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