Exploring the Lake at the Back of the Hill...

I have looked into some of my old photo archives and decided to post some of my older photos. Hope you like this image of the lake located at the back of the hill. As you know I live in rural Ireland and our home is surrounded by beautiful lakes and rivers, there are three within one kilometre of our house.

Do you like Winter in Ireland?

Do you like winter time in Ireland? I know it can be a bit damp and cold but it can be lovely to have an excuse to stay indoors in a cosy living room with an open fire or alternatively when it is dry outside, wrap up warm and go for a nice stroll in the countryside... Here are a few photographs of what I am talking about....
 Ready to light the fire and keep cosy in Castle Leslie (Image from Co. Monaghan)

Walk along the by roads and country lanes to see the colourful leaves adorn the place (Image from County Cavan)
Dusk setting in on an evening walk (Image from County Cavan)
Even the cats are keeping warm on the farm 
and ducks are enjoying themselves (Image from County Leitrim)

Do you like Antique Lace & Vintage Fashion?

Remember I posted at the start of the month on November through the Years. As I have been blogging since 2009 I decided to feature some of my old blog posts from November in years gone past. 

So this week I am featuring some images from a blog post from November 2010 entitled Antique Lace anyone?? This post featured Sheelin Antique Lace Shop & Museum based in Bellanaleck, County Fermanagh. Since 2010 it looks like Sheelin Antique Lace has expanded to include Vintage Fashion. Their website and Facebook has some beautiful images- so feminine and sophisticated. The shop has a real boudoir feel to it. It looks amazing! It appears they have also opened another shop in London- Sheelin Lace London. I recommend that you follow Sheelin Lace on twitter or visit their websites Sheelin Lace and The Sheelin Antique Lace and Vintage Fashion

{All images from Sheelin Lace}

An Excuse to Keep Warm and Cosy at the Fire...

The start of November tends to be a bit like the calm before the storm in the build up to Christmas. The Christmas adverts are on television now and lots of Christmas stock in the shops. I shouldn't even be mentioning the big "C word" yet as we still have 6 weeks to go.

This weekend we decided to take it easy and relax, apart from some house work.  It is chilly out today and you just want to stay indoors and keep warm at the fire. We have the wood burning stove on and the living room is nice and cosy for the long night ahead. So time for some cooking, reading, blogging and watching TV. In the meantime, I have gathered together the images below for you. I am drawn to them as they all look like warm snug interiors from my travels around the Castles of Ireland.

November Through the Years...Blogging since 2009

I have been blogging since November 2009. That's five whole years! Where has the time gone. I have now decided to dip into my blog archive and show you what I have blogged about each November since I started. A lot of things have happened in my life since 2009 including building a new home on the farm, moving to the countryside, getting married, getting a new job, completing an accredited training course and getting older and wiser with age (I hope). I have now been blogging for over 5 years and hope to continue with my blog for as long as I can. It has become a hobby and rather than watch TV at night time I blog. As I work full time I rarely get to blog during the week, only at night. 

I hope you like the blog posts I have taken from my blog archive and today I will feature November 2009. 

November 2009: This year I wrote about the wonderful book "The Goddess Guide" by Irish Author Gisele Scanlon. It is full of beautiful images, illustrations and inspiration for all Goddesses out there! Six Goddesses appear throughout the Guide; The Home Goddess, The Office Goddess, The Earth Goddess, The Luxurious Goddess, The Urban Goddess and The Sex Goddess. Which one are you? I think I might  introduce my own  seventh Goddess- the Countryside Goddess. That's me with a little of The Home Goddess thrown in for good measure. It's 2009 since I blogged about The Goddess Guide and I still love it as much now. It would make a great gift for Christmas too :) 

{Images from The Goddess Guide}

Cosy & Warm at Home in my Country Cottage...

It's beginning to get a lot like winter at home...
The snug in my home is nice and cosy with the log fire burning away, my fairy lights sparkling and candles burning.What else would you want apart from a warm mug of tea.... The days are getting dark so quickly.
Hope you are warm and cosy where ever you are...


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