Sunshine on a Rainy Day....


I am off work today and I am daydreaming again, longing for some Summer sunshine too.
The images above were taken on our holiday in September.

Amy Butler Fabric Bag

Last Sunday I had a lovely day out with my husband, he treated me to dinner out and we also went to a local Christmas Craft Fair. I bought a few things but couldn't leave this Amy Butler fabric handmade bag behind- Isn't it beautiful? I love all things blue and this pattern really stands out. Do you like Amy Butler fabric? I love the patterns. Here are a few more Amy Butler patterns below....

November around my home...

My notice board for November, it changes each month.
Autumn display on my dining table
Some dried hydrangeas in my sunroom to brighten it up for the Autumn.
Autumn Display
Adding some hints of red with my wee ladies on the dresser
I am hoping to buy some Christmas decorations in the next few weeks as I have none yet. We will get a large Christmas Tree from the forest over from our house. I hope to put it in the Sunroom as the ceiling is high, which means I can get a big one :)


November is well and truly here now, the days are getting much shorter and starting to get colder as the weeks pass. Do you like November? The beuatiful colours of the leaves layered like a golden carpet on our rolling country landscape, the dark evenings closing in on us all too suddenly, the sense of warmth in our homes at the fire with a big hot mug of tea- Yes in ways it is really nice, a secure sense of warmth in our homes and time for our families and friends to come visit us prior to the Christmas rush. Here are a few images of my walk around the farm, you can notice the darkness setting in.

Around my house...

I have had a touch of writer's block lately and haven't posted very much on my wee blog. Above are a few new items around my home. The owl has taken residence in my sunroom while the bird house is on my kitchen dresser. It is that time of year when we are spending more and more time indoors, the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting much colder. I am looking forward to Christmas this year as it will be our first Christmas in our new home and our first Christmas married. I need to buy Christmas decorations too which I am looking forward too.


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