November around my home...

My notice board for November, it changes each month.
Autumn display on my dining table
Some dried hydrangeas in my sunroom to brighten it up for the Autumn.
Autumn Display
Adding some hints of red with my wee ladies on the dresser
I am hoping to buy some Christmas decorations in the next few weeks as I have none yet. We will get a large Christmas Tree from the forest over from our house. I hope to put it in the Sunroom as the ceiling is high, which means I can get a big one :)


  1. I love your autumn table display.Last year I bought a new Christmas tree, a big one.I am not one for real Christmas trees. My big job this Christmas is to do something with the bottom of the tree, maybe a train....

  2. There are some nice Christmas decorations in Dunnes this year. Lovely big red bells on ribbon to hang on your front door!!

    Carolyn Donnelly is also doing decorations in her Eclectic range.

  3. Autumn colours are so wonderful, It is lovely to bring them inside
    Thea x


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