Autumn at Home

If you have read my previous post A Visit to Venice you will know that I was on my holidays last week which was amazing- so relaxing and great to get away for a change. We didn't go anywhere at all last year so we needed a break. My husband works 365 days of the year so he deserved the break too. I had to buy a new camera in a rush before we headed off on our holidays. It is a small canon camera which is much better than my previous one. I am no photographer but yesterday evening I decided to venue out for a walk around the lanes on the farm. Here are a few images I took of my walk. The image with the tree below was taken using the zoom and it was probably about a mile away from me across the lake. You can see that the colours of the trees are changing slowly but the weather is still lovely and mild for this time of year.

A Visit to Venice

I was away on holidays for the last week and took a break from blogging. I had an amazing holiday visiting Venice Italy first, then getting a cruise to Kotor Montenegro, the island of Corfu. mainland Greece, the island of Mykonos and the island of Kefolonia. We had to do a quick stop off near to Split in Croatia. Then it was back to Venice to catch the wedding of George Clooney. Yes I was on the VIP list!

Below are a few images I took in Venice. The weather was warm but overcast and there was some thunder on the first night but it didn't last for long. Luckily enough we were eating at that time so it didn't bother us. Venice is a beautiful city, so unique with the waterways, the bridges, the narrow lane ways and the wonderful architecture. There are no cars in the city which is great. I would recommend to anyone thinking of visiting to visit in September/October or early Spring as I can imagine the volume of tourists in the summer months could get frustrating. If you have never visited, you really should try as it is well worth it.

Cat Woman!!

Firstly, no I am not a cat woman at all! We have no pets here at our house. But... we have plenty of cats on the farm- they are good at keeping away the mice and also nice for company about the place. When I moved here over 2 years ago there were 3 cats. Sadly the oldest one Muffin died and then one of the cats had kittens, so I got to keep one which I named Tommy. Tommy is the one below with the heart nose- isn't he cute? So we then had three cats on the farm. My father in law feeds them but they are pretty wild and only Tommy like let you near him. Then another wee kitten arrived last year and we named him Tilly (see bottom photograph). So now we have four cats in residence on the farm and every so often we have a few visitor cats come around at feeding time. Do you have any cats? We don't have any dogs at all, as I don't think they would hit it off with the cats.

Blooming and Drying Flowers

I have featured a few posts already about Autumn time setting in and how the weather had turned really cold, well it is the total opposite now. Autumn has turned out to be lovely and warm with sunshine and no rain. I mowed the lawn yesterday evening after work. I don't think it will need to be mowed much more now as there isn't as much growth. My Gladioli are in full blown again this year, they seem to be the one flower that does well for me. I picked a lot of hydrangea from my mother's garden and have dried it out. I love putting it around my home over the winter months. It dries really well and keeps its colour. I just cut the flowers off, put them in a vase of water and do not re-water them at all, the water will dry up and the flowers will too! Very simple. Hydrangeas are one of my favourite flowers and my dear grandmother had a garden full of them- they were so pretty and remind me of my childhood. I have set one hydrangea in our garden but as the garden has not yet established itself, I have no blooms yet- perhaps next year...

The countryside looks so pretty at this time of year with all the beautiful autumn leaves and berries. Do you like Autumn? What is your favourite flower?

Are you a Fan of White Bedrooms?

Do you like White Bedrooms? I am always drawn to white interiors- the fresh, clean and crisp look of them. They look pretty too and very feminine. I tried to achieve a white guest bedroom in my home, but it was just too cold for me when I saw it in reality. It was lovely when the sun was shining but then when it was dull it felt cold and uninviting. For that reason I decided to add some pops of colour to liven it up and add some warmth. I know if you put different patterns, textiles and shades of white it works best but I just couldn't get it right. Then I thought it was because I have wooden doors, window boards and skirting boards so it wasn't fully the all white look. Even though I didn't go with the all white guest bedroom, it doesn't spot me from still loving white interiors and here are a few images of white bedrooms from the internet which I really like. I think they all are from Ideal Home. Do you like them? Have you a white room in your home?

Things I like this Week....

I haven't posted much in the past few weeks but now that the Summer is over and the nights are getting longer, I will be posting more frequently. I haven't posted items I like in a long time so here goes. Below are a few items I like this week...

From top left: 
1. Paris scene t-shirt which I purchased from Next (nice for lounging around in)
2. Really loving the Pip Studio tile collection based on classic lace patterns
3. A good read from Lesley Pearse- lots of love and heartbreak, thanks to my sister in law for getting this for me (haven't it all read yet but I'm really enjoying it) and finally
4.  Bought this blue tile print dress from New Look, now that I see it, it looks really like the Pip Studio tiles :) Love the blue colours.

So there you have it, all the things that I like this week. Is there anything you are into this week?


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