Choosing the right wedding dress....

I knew it would be difficult but I wish I could find a wedding dress I like that isn't almost €2,000. I have visited two bridal shops and picked three dresses I like the most expensive was €2,300 and the cheapest was €1,750. I cannot and will not justify spending that kind of money on a dress that I will wear once. As I am a UK size 8 and 5 foot 2 inches tall, weighing less than 8 stone, I am smallish. As a result I would like a figure hugging dress, not an A line or flowing dress. I have noticed that a lot of the dresses have folds of fabric across the front which I do not like. I also do not want a strapless dress as I would not be comfortable in it. So that limits me to a tight dress with some type of strap (not a tiny spaghetti strap though that looks like an after thought) and no sweetheart necklines. Fussy your thinking and you are probably right. So below are the three nicest dresses I have seen but they are all over my budget

The above dress is Mon Cheri Kali which is very detailed and has a very long train. It is quite heavy on too. I like the style though and also the neckline as it is not too low. I would have to get this dress taken up at the front though. 

This is Novia d'Art Daniella, I love this lace dress, very figure hugging. It is the most expensive and the one that is way over my budget but it was the nicest on me. I loved it. The only thing I'd like to change would be the level the belt is at, I think it may be nicer higher up. The only way I could get this dress is if it was second hand and cheaper. 

The final dress is totally difficult than the two dresses above. It is Ritva Westenius Beatrice. It is a classsic looking dress, very simple and elegant. The bridesmaids dresses would have to be very simple and I think it may be a little plain for me. I have shortish hair so perhaps I would look very plain in it. 

I would love to see what you all think of the dresses above, as I said the three of them are over my budget but I think my budget is probably unrealistic. I have looked online at american websites selling imitation dresses but I would be afraid that they are different fabric and would not fit properly. Have you any feedback, suggestions or links to photographs of the above dresses or any other dresses you like or think are similiar. 

Some presents I received ....

Take a look at some of the beautiful engagement presents I have received which include Cath Kidston napkins, Cath Kidston double duvet set and pillow cases, farm tea pot, country cottage coasters, a whistling kettle, oven glove and set of towels. How lucky am I!! My plans are coming together, I have a provisional date booked at the hotel, need to check availability of bands, have my bridesmaids picked and have looked at some wedding dresses. Sorry for the lack of posting and blog visits to your blogs lately but I am very busy with work, the new house and the wedding plans. 

I got engaged...

Good news everyone, I was away for the weekend and I got engaged. I am waiting for my ring to be resized but will post a photograph of it when I get it. I have a lot of planning to do and hopefully we can get married in early 2012. So my shopping has been refocused from interiors to wedding dresses in the coming weeks... Sometimes I wish I had a little fairy that could wave a wand and do lots of things for me, but alas I am on my own with this one!! As you can see from my blog which started out as all things nice... it has now become more of a journey with me but of course it is still all things nice....
If you know of any nice wedding websites let me know, I have looked at wedding chicks and also at DIY downloadable wedding invitation templates. I would be grateful if you could let me know of any other nice wedding websites. Many thanks

Shine some light....

I went to a closing down sale at the weekend and got this light fitting for just over €50.00 which I think was a good bargain. I think I will put it either in the sitting room or in our bedroom. I also bought lots of other bits for the house and will show you some photographs of them soon. Hope you are all having a nice week!

Take a peep through the hedge and look what you will find :)
Yes... My new home :) 
I will update you with some photographs soon.
There are still items to be finished off including the doors which we are waiting on, the stairs and the light switches/light fittings


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