"A fundamental Truth: Man Needs Colour"
This quote by the architect Le Corbusier states the need for colour in our lives. Colour affects our interpretation of things. According to Mindini (2001:238)  'Colour is among the first illusions through which man perceives the world'. Colour is manufactured in our minds. Our eyes and brain perceive colour. Colours are experiences and can excite, scare or impress people and it can create a sense of warmth or cold. 'People react to colour therefore how they perceive colour will influence their reactions to a place' (Porter: 1982). This may also apply to everyday items like cothes, furniture and buildings - people react to the colour of various items.

{Colours in the sky @ home}

Under certain rules our visual interpretation accepts some colours such as harmonised or contrasted colours. Colours play an important role in all aspects of design and can create focal points in our lives and landscape. The use of colour can create distinctive characters in our dress sense, our homes, landscapes and townscapes.

Sir Isaac Newton developed the colour wheel in the early 1700's and it has been used ever since as the foundation of colour theory. The basic colour wheel starts with three primary colours- red, yellow and blue. Different systems of colour have been developed such as the Munsell and Ostwald Colour Systems.

The colour wheel provides such a variety and choice of colours that considerable thought can be taken when deciding on which colour to use. There are certain rules with regard to colours. There are a number of different types of colour schemes, including monochromatic, complementary, triadic and adjacent schemes. These contain combinations of colours which are generally accepted by people. Monochromatic colour schemes use one colour or hue, containing different values of that colour. As Gloug states 'colours of the same hue are harmonious'. Complementary colour schemes employ colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel. Triadic colour schemes involve three colours that are equidistant on the wheel. Adjacent colour schemes employ colours that are next to, or near each other on the colour wheel.

So when you are spring cleaning and redecorating why not get out a colour wheel and come up with some nice colour schemes you like :) All the colours below are from Dulux, for me they are lovely and fresh just the right colours for Spring time :)

* All interior images above are from Dulux Paints Ireland


  1. this is, indeed, a fundamental thing ( at least in my life.. )

  2. I am a big believer in the vital effect colour has on our mind, body and spirit. It is a lovely post You have put together here, with so many beautiful and positive images :o)
    Also it reminds me that I have a dresser I wan to paint, am not sure what colour yet - but something from a soft pastel palette I think.
    I feel inspired coming here, ThankYou :o)
    ThankYou also for the very kind and lovely comments you left on my blog xxx
    In answer to your question there ~ Our cats have been taught not to play with the Guinea-pigs. Hazel and Honey both live in cosy hutches in the summer house and play out in a covered run in warmer weather. they are kept safe from cats, ours and others.

    Wishing You a Wonderful weekend xxx



  3. This is a great post! I know color definately affects my mood and such. We should all surround ourselves with colors that make us happy.

  4. Ah yes colour...... can't wait for summer again.

  5. You have a very pretty blog!
    I love colour very much and am happy we live in a time when there are so many colours being produced.
    Nature is a good resource for colour schemes.
    You just have to look at flowers to see the amazing combinations of colours nature puts together.

  6. Make mine pink darling and I do agree, colours do effect our mood and play a greater role then most think. Enjoyed the post.

    Love & Hugs

  7. Everyone needs colour I agree.
    In a house of three men I definately need a bit of girlie colour around me to remain sane especially!
    Hugs Karen x x x

  8. Colour really can affect my mood.The combination of red ,blue and green is making me happy right now.Thay say dogs can only see in black and white...I hope that's not true.


  9. And is it true that only men can be colour blind?

    All things nice...

  10. I cannot wait until summer, all the colours make me so happy and in a good mood...its why i love flowers so much in my house! great post! xxx

  11. What a great post! It's interesting to me that Sir Isaac Newton was responsible for the color wheel.

    My home has lots of reds and I looked at your color wheel and realized that blue is complementary. Not to sound silly, but I have lots of green and yellow with my red. I'd love to add blue. Seeing that color wheel makes it official. :)

  12. Golly what a lot of lovely colourful photos! I love to combine colour and then find the most unexpected marriages work!

    Hope you are having a great weekend,

    Sarah x


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