A Little Bit of Everything: Urban Design, Frozen Lakes & Cows

This post is all over the place, I have just posted on things that I came across this weekend, so apologies if it doesn't really make sense or flow properly.
Firstly here are more of my sketches and ground figure analysis from Urban Design Module. I like looking at the layout, form and pattern of development of urban centres in this way. You can see clearly the road layouts and open space within the urban centres.

Some more sketches for a development brief project in University

Still very cold here in Ireland, it started to thaw a little today but it has started to snow now, today I took a trip to some of our lakes which are still frozen over, here are a few photographs, the gardai have a problem with people walking out onto the lakes and even driving on them, I wouldn't chance it though.

I also passed these cows on the farm, one of them I call the dwarf cow as it never grew fully and therefore has a larger than average head for its body :) Cute ain't they! Still no water here! :(


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