There's always time for tea :)

What you up to this evening?

Why not sit down, relax and have a cup of tea with me! How is 2010 going for you??

This afternoon I worked on some of my goals for 2010 I did more sketches for my Wetland Bird ID Booklet and also more descriptions which I will then arrange into a booklet-

My mam went to the supermarket today and came back with these free christmas items that they were giving out to customers, thanks to ASDA. I will put this away safe until next year :)

Two packs of stick on bows for presents

Four rolls of Christmas wrapping paper

Three packs of gift ribbon

And I also put up my 2010 calendar better late than never which came free with a copy of Prima Magazine, the red squirrel is pretty! The red squirrel is native to Ireland  :) There is also a recipe for each month of the year on the calendar.

Now you put your feet up and enjoy the open fire, I'm off to do some card making now and print some work off the laptop I'll be back later :)


  1. Hi's the sewing going?
    2010 is a smiley one for me at the minute...hoping it will stay that way!
    hugs karen x x x

  2. thank you for that lovely cup of tea - just perfect !

  3. ooh..a nice cuppa tea sounds good to me! :0)
    thank you for your kind comments x glad the birdie pics are going well! han x

  4. I love your wetland bird are very talented. We have red squirrels here too but not too many of them, they are fast and leap like crazy!Alot of fun to watch.
    How is the sewing going?
    I'd love to have a cup of tea with you...would you fancy a sweet with that? xx

  5. Ahhh lovely, although I prefer coffee! I'm on my way over to sit by the fire with you! xxx

  6. A cup of tea by the fire is just the thing on a cold Canadian day. Oh and I love the birds.
    Every happiness in 2010.
    Warm regards,

  7. I love that teacup and rose picture. so lovely. Blessings!


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