The last few days of Winter...

Hello all my dear blog friends, followers and readers. I have been busy the last week so my posts focused on my interior design ideas and colour. I will be getting back to my crafting at the weekend. What have you all been up to? January is almost over now, then its Spring time!!! :) . Christmas only seems like yesterday. We still have frosty mornings this week but at least it is dry and there is even some sunshine beginning to shine through :)

I'm waiting in hope for the first warm and sunny day, here is a little poem I came across that I thought I'd share with you all;

The First Warm Day
The first warm day- O lovely phrase
   After the weary winter days,
To wake one morning with a start,
And know keep down within their heart,
That Spring has blossomed overnight,
With all her shining lamps a-light.

The sun's bright warmth on earth and sky,
A little warm wind blowing by;
To look and find a rub of green,
Poking its nose up through the screen
Of matted grass and sodden ground,
With triumph like a bugie sound.

The first warm day..... how hearts are stirred,
How sweetly flows the spoken word
In happy greeting to a friend;
Above the road the tall trees bend,
Like ladies at a royal tea
Bowing before great company.

A thousand hearts rejoice and sing,
To greet the first warm day of Spring.
           ~Edna Jacques

You can't change the past . But you can ruin the present by worrying about the future.

Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday.

This image is from the Prima 2010 calendar, it is all about spring cleaning, reorganising and decluttering my home and life :)

Wth Spring comes the blossoming of flowers like bluebells, snowdrops, tulips and daffodils :) Walks in the woodland discovering the beautiful floral displays :)

---That's what spring means to me!---


  1. Aahhhhh....Spring...what a lovely thought! I don't know if you have this in Ireland but on February 2nd we have Groundhog Day which gives us some indication of how much more winter we're going to have :)
    Those photos have me longing for longer days, and warmth. XOXO

  2. Spring is my favourite season, no doubt about it. The new buds, blossoms on trees and bright green leaves on the trees. It does encourage you to have a good sort out in the house and have a good thorough spring clean. It's a good time for de-cluttering!
    A beautiful post.

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  3. Bonjour,
    What a beautiful poem and thank you for sharing all these little words of wisdom with us. Springtime will be here before long bringing blossoms and sunshine - I'm ready!
    Bon soirée!

  4. ThankYou so much for this Lovely breath of Spring :o)



  5. Oh I can't wait for Spring...the lighter mornings,the warmth of the sun on my face,the garden showing signs of new life...and for those walks in the bluebell woods.
    Thanks for the lovely poem.


  6. A lovely springy post....just what we need. I'm so fed up with miserable weather! xxx

  7. Wonderful photos! I love all the flowers; the bluebells are gorgeous! Spring won't arrive here in Eastern Canada until March. We have a lot of Winter left here yet but the promise of Spring gives me hope! Wonderful post and poem.


  8. Spring is just around the corner. At least that's what I keep telling myself! Before we know it, it will be here!! xxoo

  9. awwww bless such a beautiful post and beautiful poem- rang out the bells in my head of happy spring days, walks in the woods, through fields of wild flowers and not having to wear 300 layers of clothing! and a cheaper gas bill hehe ;0)xxxxxx

  10. What a lovely poem!
    Happy to have found you blog.
    Warm Wishes,

  11. Well, after January, there comes February. Spring is still far away, and yet this lovely poem fills us with warmth and happiness. Thanks for shaing it.

  12. Laurie Anne,

    No we don't celebrate Groundhog Day here, you will have to fill me in on it, I will google it and see what it's all about. On February 1st it is Saint Brigid's Day here in Ireland. This is the traditional first day of Spring in Ireland. Although no one really celebrates it in any way, some school children make St. Brigid crosses from reeds/rushes. I might post some more info on it at the weekend.

    All things nice...


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