Some Simple Spooky Recipes for Halloween

Here are some fun simple halloween recipes for you to make whether your having a Halloween party or not. Hope some of you try them out. The basic ingredient is Kellogg's Rice Krispies (Breakfast Cereal). You can check out how to make them on Kellogg's Website.

Coconut Ghosts

Snappin' Spooky Spiders

Cocoa Halloween Cats

Some nice 2010 calendars available from newsagents or that special 2010 calendar..

All of the above calendars are available from most newsagents/ bookstores but if your looking for something more orignial, unique, creative and stimulating then visit Etsy. Here are just a small sample of what's on offer there and the link to each of them. Enjoy!


Window shopping today...

Hope everyone is well today. I went to a town nearby today and visited a few shops, I went to Crabtree Cottage which is an enchanting gift shop with every nook and cranny filled with delightful gifts of all sorts, from wonderful christmas decorations, bed linen, cards, furniture, clothing and every pretty thing you can imagine. I also stopped by a Cottage Industries Shop which is a family run business with three Generation's of the family still working there. It had some great crafting supplies as well as unique gift ideas. I popped into some of the charity shops also and saw some lovely christmas cards. However I bought nothing today as I'm trying to save.

I also spotted alot of the Cath Kidston range, I love all the beautiful vintage colours and patterns. I totally admire her as she first opened a tiny shop herself selling her vintage products and is now a huge success in the UK, Ireland and Japan. I even have her shop on my blogroll of my other All things nice Blog. But I almost fainted today when I lifted a oilcloth bag with a pretty pattern and it was over 80 euro, to me it looked a bit plastic looking and I honestly thought it's way overpriced. I have adored her patterns and products for years and a few months back I bought 2 pillowcases as they were reduced to half price to £7.50 each and I thought how lovely. But when I took them home, I can only use them for the top pillows not the ones I sleep on as the material is soo hard and not cosy at all, even after washing them :( Your probably saying there must have been something about them that they were half price but still £7.50 each (over 8 euro) is alot for a pillowcase. So for me, I feel they were totally overpriced even at half price. I was very disappointed with them. Here they are;

Yes I know the pattern is nice but I think they are way overpriced, not soft, cosy and warm just the way you would like your pillows.
Anyways that's my rant for today, let me know what you think?

Part of my thimble collection...


Here are a few of my thimbles that I have been collecting for years, the majority of them are from different countries and I also have alot depicting wildlife. I started collecting them when I was a teenager. I need to get a new stand for them as I currently have 3 wooden stands and I don't have enough space for my growing collection. Do any of you collect thimbles?? If so what kind of storage/ shelves do you use for them? The stands I have are very dated wooden ones, I would like something different.

How was your weekend?

Hello everyone,
Well its still the weekend here in Ireland as today is a Bank Holiday :) I hope you all had a lovely weekend, let me know what you got up to. I had a nice relaxing weekend, Saturday I pottered around the house and did some cleaning, the weather was awful out, gale force winds and heavy rain all day long. Saturday evening one of friend visited she stayed until after midnight so we had a great time catching up. She also brought me a belated birthday present as she has not been home in months. So I got a beautiful fluffy brown throw for my bed, it'll be so cosy in the Winter, here it is

She also brought me a fluffy white cushion, it's really pretty and will look lovely on my bed with my new brown throw.

I thought it was Christmas again, as she also got me this very modern photo frame which I will put in my bottom drawer

And she also got me a nice 2010 Diary, she is so good to me. I'll have to think of some nice Christmas presents for her.

Then Sunday the weather improved, we only had a few showers. I met up with my boyfriend and his family, he took us for tea to a lovely hotel, and then last night we stayed in at the fire. I'm like an old woman, I rarely bother going out at night.

Today I'm here updating my blog, the weather is much much better, there is even some sun :) So I'll be off out for the afternoon.

Let me know what you got up to at the weekend?

Oh and heres a little poem on friendship before I go

Friendships are like flowers
That brighten your day
With fragrance and beauty
To share on life's way

So treat them like flowers
From the gardener above,
Weed them with mercy
And water with love.

People & Beauty

People are like stained glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.

Snug.. typically a small, very private room- how sweet :)

I like this doorway leading from the snug to the dining room, it lets light stream through the two rooms

This storage wall is wonderful, I can just see all my books and ornaments proudly sitting here in the snug.

Check out another beautiful bookshelf in the corner, I love the doors on it as it keeps the books cleaner but having it adjacent to the window may fade the books, which wouldn't do! Fussy aren't I!

My outlook on life

This is the roof light over my bed where I watch the clouds flutter by, the rain lash about the window pane and the stars shine in the night sky. I dream, imagine, think and get inspiration lying here on my bed. To ensure the birds won't go astray and fly my way I have attached the celtic design window sticker. Its like my window on life, my outlook on life as I think away about the unknown and whats gone before. I think of loved ones and those who have passed away, my life, my dreams, my future....

My weekend

Hello Everyone,

It's Monday again, the time is flying by. Halloween is creeping up on us and then we won't find Christmas time coming around. This year I am defiantly going to do my Christmas shopping earlier.
The weather is very dull here in Ireland, I am finishing off some reports for work today.
My aunt and uncle visited at the weekend and brought some nice flowers and a dish, check it out below. Saturday I was writing reports and doing a bit of cleaning and yesterday I went for a Sunday drive and walk. So this is how I'm feeling at the minute, minus the phones as thankfully no one is ringing me!

Here is the dish my aunt brought as a gift, I love the blue and white colours (I'll put that in my bottom drawer)


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