Some wee scribbles I did today

Just there this evening, after feeding the dog, hoovering, doing washing and tidying up I sat down with a big mug of tea and picked up the pens to doodle. Im always scribbling and it always tends to be butterflies, bees, and flowers. Other people tend to always doodle houses and stick men and woman. Its weird how we automatically think of some things and not others, hearts is another one people doodle alot. Ivy is another thing I scribble but I suppose when your like me its a case of what can I actually draw that will look half decent. What do you always seem to scribble, doodle or draw?


  1. I tend to doodle eyes an awful lot. Although generally just the one as I can never get the other in proportion. Hearts and flowers tend to be my other favourite too. I wonder if its some physcological message? lol

    I think your butterflies are rather pretty.


  2. Thanks :)
    Eyes oh yeah I do that sometimes too, they are always girly eyes though with lovely long eyelashes. Its strange because I always seem to doodle living things, maybe it is something psychological!

    All things nice...


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