Some bright interiors....

Here are some bright interiors, apologies as I have no credit for the images, but if you know where I got them, let me know. I love bright interiors, so cheerful and lively. Hope you like them too.

Oh so pretty....

Amy Butler Design- how pretty, hope you enjoy the images.

{All images from Amy Butler Design}

What I hope to buy at the weekend...

I got a gift voucher for my birthday and have had my eye on this tea set in a long long time, it was more expensive but has been reduced :-) Which makes me really happy as I can use my gift voucher for it now. The tea pot is €5.00, yes €5.00! And the plates are €2.00! It may not last that long but in all fairness it would look so pretty in my new home. I know my new home is only being built at the minute and isn't even to the first floor but I want to buy some items for it now as when it comes time to move in, I will have so much to buy. I'm still living at home with my parents since returning from University and getting a job! I'm a home bird! So stay tuned as I will hopefully make these purchases at the weekend :-)

Am I weird to be this excited about a tea set and dinnerware set??

An update on my new home

Here is an up to date photograph of my new home, the angle the photograph was taken at doesn't take in the whole front facade. To the left hand side of the photograph you can see where there will be one window and there will be another one beside it and then to the far right of the photograph there will be a similiar side area which will be the sunroom. It is taking shape and we hope to get the timber in for the upstairs this week.
Here are some images of what it should look like when completed

Today I love...

Below are two photographs of a lovely crochet bag my dear grandmother knit before she passed away, isn't it pretty. I have also included a photograph of the crochet blanket I bought at a car boot sale, love the colours of it. I found a few images online too to share with you, sorry I haven't the link. I'm learning to crochet these days so if any of you have any good tutorials I can follow please share with me. I'm starting off with granny squares. Hope you all have a nice Sunday!
This is the blanket I bought at the car boot sale
And below are more pretty crochet images I found online

Even More Kitchen Inspiration...

Country Cottage Style- I love the colour on the walls here, it's very refreshing and that clock over the cooker area- a nice statement piece. It's a wee bit too cluttered with all the chairs in the centre though.
How pretty is this kitchen, it's almost too perfect for me, it doesn't really look lived in, but I do adore the style of the units.
Now this is my favourite of the kitchens in today's post. I love the warm cream colour against the wood and the detail of the units, it looks lived in too and very cosy :)


Have any of you heard of the Avoca Range??? Avoca is an Irish family-run business and is one of the world's oldest surviving manufacturing companies and Ireland's most exciting stores. They export clothing ranges to boutiques around the world and have their own food label with dozens of delicious products. There are Avoca perfumes, glassware, ceramics, clothing, garden range, to name but a few. The hand weaving mill was established in a rural Irish village over 280 years ago. Avoca remains a family business with a mission to create joy and have fun!
To find out more and check out the AVOCA range, visit their website, it really is worth a visit!

Design Craft Centre

While in Kilkenny we had to visit the Kilkenny Design Craft Centre which is full of jewellery, knitwear, celtic gifts, china & crystal, pottery & glass, home & fashion, accessories and stunning one off contemporary design pieces. Here are a few photographs to share with you...
Window with a selection of hand crafted goods
Another window with some textiles and knitwear
Nicholas Mosse Pottery, if you have never heard of it, you really have to check it out!
A view of one of the galleries, through to the courtyard area with lots of studios
Some studios and workshops in the courtyard
A factory shop with some fine Irish pottery
More display areas
A view from the inside..


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