Kilkenny is calling me...

This weekend, my boyfriend and I went for a night away to Kilkenny with wonderful walking trails,  historic Kilkenny Castle, beautiful parks and gardens and lots of fine bars and restaurants. The weather was beautiful yesterday so here are a few nice photographs to share with you. Today is miserable and wet and I'm back home!
The Castle Walls
Pretty Bridge
Kilkenny Castle
Castle Gates
Castle Tower
A view from the Castle Gardens
St. Canice's Cathedral & Round Tower
Rothe House
The Thosel


  1. Looks like you had a great weekend!

  2. I visited Kilkenny about eight years ago and thought it was so beauitiful. We went to the castle where the floating staircase (I think that's what the guide called it) freaked me out. Later, it belted down with rain and we got stuck in the pub :) Could be much worse places to be stuck!

    I lived in Ireland for a year in 07-08 and just fell in love with the country and all the people. It's a really lovely place.


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