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Below are two photographs of a lovely crochet bag my dear grandmother knit before she passed away, isn't it pretty. I have also included a photograph of the crochet blanket I bought at a car boot sale, love the colours of it. I found a few images online too to share with you, sorry I haven't the link. I'm learning to crochet these days so if any of you have any good tutorials I can follow please share with me. I'm starting off with granny squares. Hope you all have a nice Sunday!
This is the blanket I bought at the car boot sale
And below are more pretty crochet images I found online


  1. awwww its a treasure with dearest memories- i love the colour!!...i do feel the same with crochet i should get round to starting a blanket- they are so all your car boot goodies too ;0)xx

  2. Oh you have to check out attic24 ( she has some great tutorials (and makes bright beautiful things!). And if you are looking for some patterns, Sarah London has some free and to pay tuts and patterns (and you can buy some wool too!) - Oh and to make that blog more of a must see links to a new site called icrochet which has some great inspiration and links to people's current projects. I taught myself via youtube but can't remember which addresses - I just googled! Good luck and can't wait to see your efforts!

  3. I learnt how to crochet by following a tutorial on youtube...'how to crochet a granny square'..but Attic 24 has some great ones too.Your grandmother's bag is beautiful..a lovely momento for you to treasure.

    Bellaboo :o)

  4. Love the rainbow crochet at the end!

  5. Thanks everyone, I'm going to check out attic24 and those other sites. All I need now is time. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    All things nice...


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