Even More Kitchen Inspiration...

Country Cottage Style- I love the colour on the walls here, it's very refreshing and that clock over the cooker area- a nice statement piece. It's a wee bit too cluttered with all the chairs in the centre though.
How pretty is this kitchen, it's almost too perfect for me, it doesn't really look lived in, but I do adore the style of the units.
Now this is my favourite of the kitchens in today's post. I love the warm cream colour against the wood and the detail of the units, it looks lived in too and very cosy :)


  1. I'm dreaming about white or cream light & bright kitchen:DDD I love Your pics:0 The second one is the best for me:)
    XOXO :)))

  2. They are very light and airy. I agree I like the last one best too. Though I would really like a red kitchen, we're renting just now so can't do anything to the actual kitchen, but all our appliances and things are a lovely bright red!
    And adders are ok, I ws quite close and it wouldn't actually bite me unless it was really provoked, i.e. by picking it up or poking it! :) x

  3. I love the 2nd one, it wouldn't look too perfect in our house for long.

  4. i love the top kitchen- it really is beautiful.
    thanks for sharing...i remember when i first saw my home for rent- it was the kitchen that sold it to me!!- mainly for being white n bright!!...xx have a lovely week end xx

  5. I really wish I had a kitchen this big. But mine is so small. Its just the style of our house. However, I think lighter colored cabinets would make it SEEM bigger so I am really tempted to paint them.

  6. I would love any one of those kitchens but I agree with you that number 3 is the nicest,

  7. Great choices...liking number three most too. xo Erica

  8. oh my gosh! I just did a post on kitchen inspiration! How funny! I love love love the blue in the first one but the bright white of the second one :)



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