Home Sweet Home

Picked these lovely canvases up in NEXT this weekend for €10.00 for the three. I love them, they are very counrty cottage and will look lovely in my new home :)

Some bargains...

Picked up this Cath Kidston bag for €4.00 and this pretty tea canister in Tesco too- I love the floral patterns and the baby blue too :) Hope you are all having a lovely week

Saint Patrick's Day Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Duit

Wishing you all a wonderful Saint Patrick's Day from Ireland :)
Here are a few of my own photographs of my lovely Emerald Isle, hope you will take a look through them and enjoy some of the sights of Ireland.....
A traditional Irish thatched white washed cottage

The ruins of an old castle, there are a lot of ruins dotted throughout the countryside

A monastery at a graveyard where monks once lived

A view of the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean.. next stop America..

A wonderful rainbow... can you see the pot of gold..

The lakeshore over from my house

Another pretty quaint thatched cottage with dry stone walls..

Solis Lough Eske Castle now converted into a hotel

A railway cottage at an old disused railway line

Cattle grazing in the fields.. a very very common sight

And some sheep too...

An old stone outhouse possibly an old granary

An old derelict farmhouse

Winding country lanes

Reflection of the fields and hedgerows in the lake

Another quaint country cottage

Another castle located on an island in a lake

Spring time...

Don't you just love Spring time with the evenings getting longer and the weather getting milder, time to go for long walks in the countryside and spring clean the home, pick flowers and brighten up the home with bunting and pastel colours :)
I picked these daffodils from the back of the hill and put them along with some flowers that were left over from a wedding floral arrangement I got from my old work colleagues :) Little did I know that daffodils don't last very well in oasis and withered within a few days. Next time I'll keep them in a vase. I may buy some carnations at the weekend to put in this pot.
The week is flying by and it is a long weekend here in Ireland so that is always a bonus. Hope you all have nice plans for your weekend!

Beautiful Baby's Breath.....

You may have noticed my obsession with Baby's Breath lately. I love it and it appeared in my wedding day too. I will post some photographs of my bouquets when I get the photographs. Until then, here are even nicer images which I found on the net, sorry I don't have links for them.

Life in the countryside...

As you all know by now, I am happily married to my farmer husband, therefore I have become a modern day farmerette (well part time as I also work 5 days a week away from the farm). Anyway I have been a bit lazy this week and after work I didn't help out on the farm (I am home from work before 6:00) but hopefully Saturday I will get my wellies on and help out a bit. I'm sure husband will find something to keep me occupied. Last weekend I took these photographs from around the farm land (looks a bit water logged to you, does it?? Well it isn't floods, that the lake that the land borders, it is glorious in Summer time. Hope you enjoy the photos. What are you all up to this weekend?

Pretty Pastels

Spring time is so nice, brighter days, sunnier weather and nature awakening from the long dark Winter. Baby lambs jumping and playing in the fields with daffodils and bluebells popping up in our fields, gardens and woodlands. These lovely images of pastel interiors remind me of Spring time!

All images via shelterness

Old Irish Wedding Traditions

Saturday night as myself and my new husband sat watching tv, we heard a strange noise outside and then the door bell rang. Husband went to the door and all I heard was shouting, singing and lots of laughter, next thing there were about 20 people in our home all dressed up with old clothes and straw. They threw straw all around the house and then pulled us outside where they had a tractor and trailer waiting for us. They were very modern indeed as the tractor had flashing lights on it. So next, they lifted myself and husband into the large tractor trailer and they all jumped in too. Next thing we knew we were en route to the town where they made a commotion and we all ended up in the pub! This is an old Irish tradition for newly wedded couples in their new home. It is to bring them good luck in their married life and home. Their friends and neighbours come around dressed with straw and take the bride away and the groom has to get her back, however I was lucky they took the two of us with them to the pub. This is a mixture of the old tradition of straw boys or it is more commonly known around here as bann begging (hope I have spelled that correctly). There is very little information on the internet about bann begging and I am wondering am I spelling it correctly. If anyone knows any more information on bann begging I would like to hear from you.

Around the farm...

Here are some of the wee calves on the farm

How cute is his wee ears

And lots of adults too!

My wedding flowers

Here are the remains of my wedding flowers, both arrangements are from the church. I left them in the church for service last weekend and brought them home yesterday. They have kept reasonably well considering they are a week old now.
The large display above was on the communion table.

This vase was hidden in the baptism font so you could not see the vase, it was edged with baby's breath and laurel leaves. Hope you are all enjoying  the Spring weather.

I'm home from my minimoon :)

Thank you all for your kind comments on my last post. Myself and my husband are back from our minimoon :) We will be going away later in the year but this week we are just relaxing. We went to Carton House near Maynooth and got a nice suite. It is a really nice hotel to visit. Here are a few photographs of it. Here is a link to their website also.


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