Wedding Flowers .....

I always said I wanted blue hydrangeas for my bridal bouquet but I can't get them this time of year, then I spotted lily of the valley, but the florist told me they are very expensive. So I settled for daisies and I loved them but alas I can't get them either. So I will have to settle for something else. Here's a few images I loved...

What I've been up to...

Hello everyone, I got internet access at last! Hope you are all enjoying the new year, one month almost gone already- how time flies! Since I lasted blogged properly, I have got a new job which is going well. I have also moved to my new house hence the lack of blogging lately as I had no internet access. We are settled in now. I cant find my camera battery charger so have no photographs of the house for you yet. These days I am organising the wedding, one month to go. We got engaged in September and have been very busy planning. This weekend, I'm getting the bridesmaids dresses altered at the dressmakers and then going to look at flowers. I also have to finalise the text for the wedding booklet and next weekend hopefully get my wedding dress from the shop and buy shoes. We also have the tasting at the hotel next weekend.

I'm loving life at the new home and after work most evenings I go up to the farm, I don't do much but I like the fresh air and the baby calves are cute too :) I hope you have all been well and that you haven't given up hope on me blogging again.

I have lots of catching up to do on your blogs!

Missing you all

Still waiting for internet connection at my new home so I haven't been around blogland lately. Very busy organising the wedding. Hope you are all keeping well and hopefully I'll be back in blogland soon :)

I miss catching up on all your blogs : (

Question- problem with blog?

My blog doesn't seem to be working right, does anyone know how I can get my gadgets on the right hand side of the page to work? Does anyone know if I change to one of the new layouts will I loose my existing layout information i.e. my border, header, etc..


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