Our neighbourhood :-)

As I walked through the farm land on Sunday, I began thinking about my new neighbours and I even stopped by their homes, have a look around, unfortunately I couldn't explore the interiors, unless I was Alice in Wonderland :-)

I took some photographs which you can look at below. They are wee animal burrows I came across, rabbits or hares I think, I also spotted a badger's home and below from across the fields there are some views of our new home. A road goes by the house and that telephone poll is the opposite side of the road. The stone has to go on the porch yet and the roof of the porch needs to be finished.
 One of my neighbours homes
Another home
And another home
And below our new home.
The plastering inside is starting this week :)

Come for a walk through the farm...

As most of you are aware myself and my boyfriend are building a new home together. He is a full time farmer. I love the countryside and I have lived in the countryside all my life, however I have never lived on a farm. Our new home will be opposite the older farmhouse. Below are just a few photographs of the land and some nice views around the farm. As you can see there are lakes everywhere and it is so tranquil- I love it. There are many laneways through the farm so when I go for a walk there is just me and all the wildlife around me. Below I have one photograph of one of the newest arrivals on the farm too :)

The Chicken Hotel

We all need a break at times. Yesterday I discovered this new and exciting hotel in Helston (Cornwall) exclusively for our feathered friends! Next time your going off on holiday you can let your chickens have a short holiday break in The Chicken Hotel! I thought this was such a cute idea- after all many cats and dogs are pamerped so why not chickens too!

Ordering breakfast
{All images from the Chicken Hotel}


Sorry for the lack of contact to all in blogland this week, I'm busy with work, organising doors for my new home and good news-the weather is really nice here in Ireland, so I'm soaking up the nice weather :) Here is a nice idea to redecorate some IKEA drawers.
{Images from LIVET HEMMA/IKEA}


Who needs matching when you can have variety, diversity and lots of different colours :)
Eclectic Cutlery Set from The Contemporary Home

My spare bedroom... Some bits & pieces

At the weekend I bought this Audrey Hepburn Canvas and coupled with my other items, I think this will make a nice black and white theme for one of my spare bedrooms. I would like to add a splash of colour but not sure what colour yet. I have a nice white fluffy mat too that will look nice :)

More shopping to do...

Here is the type of chimney I want in my snug. I am getting either of the two stoves I have images of above, both stoves are Irish Waterford Stanley wood burning stoves which will heat the room, more than 9 radiators and water. Both stoves are nearly €2,000. It's expensive! But worth it in the end I hope as it will keep the house nice and cosy. Now I have to look out for a timber rustic beam for over the stove.

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Duit- Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Duit
Happy Saint Patrick's Day from Ireland

Let me introduce you to one of my many neighbours...

Check out my wee friend that lives over the fence from my house. Isn't she so pretty with her long hair. She is a miniature shetland pony. Her hair is so long and she really loves the camera :) I also have some sheep across the fence too which I will photograph for you later this week. It's Saint Patrick's Day this Thursday so we have a bank holiday here in Ireland, I'm really looking forward to the day off work :)

Country Life...

Oh to live in the country and have a home like those images above. I think my home will be more modern however these images are so warm and cosy I love them all. Hope you are all having a nice weekend. My heart goes out to all those in Japan, may god help them all and guide them in times like this.

Update on my new home...

Here are a few images of my new home which is progressing ever so slowly. Inside it is almost ready for plastering. I am ready to pick my front door too so the exterior can then be plastered. This week the roofs were slatted on the two single storey sections.
Here is an image below of the snug, to the left hand side, the stove will be situated.
And here is the entrance hallway which is double height. I have yet to look at stairs and banisters for the landing.

A Trip to Denmark

I'm going here next weekend, I have never been to Denmark, have you? I won't get much time to explore  the place as I am going on a work trip. We are staying in a rural location so it will be nice to experience a different culture. Will the shops/restaurants/ public transport take euro?

Irish Blog Awards- All things nice... Shortlisted for Best Lifestyle Blog

I came home from work very late tonight after 10pm :( And it was the same the night before, however my day was brightened up when I spotted that my wee blog has been shortlisted for Best Lifestyle Blog 2011 in the Irish Blog Awards :) There is one more round before the Awards Event. That means so much to me, I can't even use an iphone,  an ipad, or ipod, I never even had a walkman or a dvd, but I have my wee blog :)  I love blogging and it is my escape in life, I may not be technologically advanced but I love blogging, thank you so much to my friend that nominated my blog and also to the Irish Blog Award Judges, I really appreciate that you have recognised my homemade blog :)

{Image from Irish Blog Awards}


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