Irish Blog Awards- All things nice... Shortlisted for Best Lifestyle Blog

I came home from work very late tonight after 10pm :( And it was the same the night before, however my day was brightened up when I spotted that my wee blog has been shortlisted for Best Lifestyle Blog 2011 in the Irish Blog Awards :) There is one more round before the Awards Event. That means so much to me, I can't even use an iphone,  an ipad, or ipod, I never even had a walkman or a dvd, but I have my wee blog :)  I love blogging and it is my escape in life, I may not be technologically advanced but I love blogging, thank you so much to my friend that nominated my blog and also to the Irish Blog Award Judges, I really appreciate that you have recognised my homemade blog :)

{Image from Irish Blog Awards}


  1. You GO Girl! So proud of you! xoxo

  2. Congratulations - best of luck.
    Jo x

  3. Well done!
    You deserve to win in my book. xx

  4. Lots of congratulations and well wishes to you!! I'm glad to see you shortlisted, I know you put great effort into making this space beautiful. I read on Twitter tonight that the finalists list will be released on Wednesday, so very exiciting! Good luck to you, let's both keep our fingers crossed :)


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