More shopping to do...

Here is the type of chimney I want in my snug. I am getting either of the two stoves I have images of above, both stoves are Irish Waterford Stanley wood burning stoves which will heat the room, more than 9 radiators and water. Both stoves are nearly €2,000. It's expensive! But worth it in the end I hope as it will keep the house nice and cosy. Now I have to look out for a timber rustic beam for over the stove.


  1. My stove is very similar to the one on the bottom right. We are also having a rustic type beam and have used the top right pic as inspiration so hope you dont think I am a copycat. Great minds think alike, I say.
    I think they are worth the expense and it will be a great help to you in the winter.
    Our beam is quite heavy so we are thinking of ways of putting it there.
    We are also putting some bricks behind our fire. I will post about it today. I am having probs thinking of coloursfor the rest of our house. Maybe you will have some suggestions.
    Great pics as ever,

  2. Those keep everything warm! My Aunt who used to live in Northern California had one and it kept the whole house warm!! Good idea for You!!!

  3. Thank-you for the visit. I had a stove like that...when our power went out...invaluable! Have a lovely weekend.

  4. We have a woodburner and they are lovely. 2000 Euros seems a lot for one though, you can get some lovely ones a lot cheaper, the saving you can then spend on wood to fill it :-)


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