Let me introduce you to one of my many neighbours...

Check out my wee friend that lives over the fence from my house. Isn't she so pretty with her long hair. She is a miniature shetland pony. Her hair is so long and she really loves the camera :) I also have some sheep across the fence too which I will photograph for you later this week. It's Saint Patrick's Day this Thursday so we have a bank holiday here in Ireland, I'm really looking forward to the day off work :)


  1. oh lucky you!! I would love to have a shetland pony to keep in the garden! jennyx

  2. Ooooh, how sweet is that! Have been browsing through your lovely blog - we too built our own house, ten years ago, so I know something of what you are going through - the good and the bad! Its worth it!

  3. Happy St Patricks Day for Thursday, Basil and the 'men' usually go to the Irish pubs in the town, but of course they are in the cordon and off limits, if indeed they are still standing.They'll have to stay home with me and have Dublin Coddle and Soda bread, I may allow some Guiness drinking.

  4. Tell you something, I would just love having her as my neighbour - there's nothing finer that open spaces and animal neighbours - what a lucky person you are!

  5. Oh my god the little pony is too cute. I love horses so much and all animals too. To have such a sweet little creature must be fun. Wonderful picture - thanks for sharing it with us.

    many greetings from germany,


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