Farewell 2009, it has been a good one- the love, tears, laughter, peace, friendship.....

 *Photograph from National Geographic

I have read a number of posts on various blogs relating to the New Year and New Year Resolutions. Do you make any New Year Resolutions?  I was just reading Laurie Anne's post from Rebel Blossom about making a list of things to accomplish in 2010 and I have decided to make a list of goals/dreams for 2010. As the saying goes

A goal is a dream with a deadline

but I have also read that a goal without a plan is just a wish, so I will plan my dreams, and I am being realistic. I am not dreaming of winning the lottery or something silly like this.
So why not set goals and reach for the moon, because if you don't make it, you'll land among the stars. Anthony Robbins said that 'setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible'.

So whether you make New Year Resolutions, make a list of things to accomplish, or a list of goals or dreams, remember that if you don't like something change it and if you can't change it, change the way you think about it! So maybe you will make some minor changes in your life for the New Year.

Oprah Winfrey once said
Cheers to a New Year and another change for us to get it right 

and we all know that the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement. So whatever your resolutions, changes, targets, goals or dreams are for the New Year I hope you all achieve what you want and have a Wonderful New Year in 2010.

And remember in the end, It's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years
                                                                    ~Abraham  Lincoln

Beautiful Bedrooms...

If you like some built in wardrobes for storage here is a nice range from John Lewis. Isn't the wee fireplace cute adding some character to this room, to me it is pretty but somewhat claustrophobic with the units built all around the bed. The wallpaper on the chimney breast adds a bit of elegant to this room.

This room found on Channel 4 Homes website is so me! I love the simple colour palette of white and blue, the detail on the bed is really sophisticated and the mirror dressing table is very glamorous. Again this room has a girly chandelier- Love it! The different shades and patterns of floral blues tie the room together.

From Ideal Home, this bedroom is most like my bedroom at home only I have white windows and lighter pine wood furniture.

Another wonderful bedroom which I adore from Country Living, it is very eclectic and has a mix of colours which for me works really well, there is a mix of traditional and modern and of metal and wood but all ties so well together. I am not into positioning beds up against windows as it blocks light and for me never looks just right- I like to be able to see the window and light from my bed :)

As you may have realised I like my blue bedrooms. This is another room from Ideal Home I would never think of a blue and white bedroom with a hint of red but this modern folk bedroom is really pretty and stylish, don't you think??? I really like the floral patern on the bed linen and the red curtains! This bed is the same type of bed as mine only mine is in pine. I like enclosed lockers to keep my books and pens in however I really like these ones they are very simple and pretty and I'm sure they are cheaper too :)

This pale bedroom is very serene and relaxing and looks like an ideal place to relax. It is from Ideal Home. I can just see my wee tattered teddy sitting on the bed, but for some reason I  feel the need to add a hint of pink or blue, I think that's because colours create a sense of warmth and as the weather isn't that sunny or warm in Ireland I like to make a place feel warm. An all white palette is just too cold and clinical for me so I would pop a wee pink or blue fluffy cushion in the middle of this bed or a colourful crochet blanket at the bottom just like this one
Hope you enjoy looking at these beautiful bedrooms with me and get some inspiration from them, are there any bedrooms or styles  in particular that you like?

My current project

Here is my current project that I am working on, it is a colourful Indian Elephant which is almost complete. I am disappointed as I have ran out of green thread. It is a heavy almost wool like thread and therefore I have to wait until I visit the sewing shop in town. Oh well :(

Christmas Gifts :)

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day, we had a nice relaxing one here in Ireland and a white one too :) The snow is only beginning to thaw today and the roads are so slippy. Hope santa came to you all. I got lots of lovely gifts this year including a sewing machine (I just gotta learn to sew now), a digital photoframe, gift vouchers, a painting canvas set (Watch out Van Gogh), three purses, a latch and hook wall hanging set, socks, pjs, scarf and photoframe :) Lots and lots of lovely gifts, here are a few of them. What did you all get?

Im off to do abit of sewing now :) Hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

Wren Day in Ireland

Today the 26th December in Ireland is known as Wren Day and St. Stephen's Day. It is not known as Boxing Day which is commonly used in many other countries. Wren Day owes its origins to several legends, including those found in Ireland linking episodes in the life of Jesus to the wren. It is a tradition in certain parts of Ireland where people mostly children travel from house to house playing traditional Irish music, singing and dancing, however in later years they tend to visit the pubs as they are all open and they are sure of getting more than one person to listen to them. They then collect money in a box. They dress up in various outfits from years gone by.These people are known as Wren Boys. Anyone can dress up and take part. Stephen's Day is also a popular day for visiting family members.

Check out this article for more info

A Christmas Message from All things nice...

Sending Happy Wishes, especially to say-
Hope you all  have
a Wonderful Christmas Day!
Thank you all for visiting my blog and leaving such lovely comments, I really enjoy each and every one of your blogs and you inspire me all in different ways.

Have a Wonderful Christmas Time


This Wise Old Owl Can Measure For You!

Hello all, just for a change of topic I saw this wee owl in the shop the other day and had to bring it home (No I didn't shoplift) I bought it. Ain't it so sweet, it's a wee owl measuring tape with button eyes :)
I also came across some handmade ones on Etsy since then, check them out here at Feltmates Etsy Shop, there are some lovely felt animals here.

Recipe for Christmas All Year Long

Take a heap of child-like wonder

That opens up our eyes

To the unexpected gifts in life—

Each day a sweet surprise.

Mix in fond appreciation

For the people whom we know;

Like festive Christmas candles,

Each one has a special glow.

Add some giggles and some laughter,

A dash of Christmas food,

(Amazing how a piece of pie

Improves our attitude!)

Stir it all with human kindness;

Wrap it up in love and peace,

Decorate with optimism, and

Our joy will never cease.

If we use this healthy recipe,

We know we will remember

To be in the Christmas spirit,

Even when it's not December.

                                                  ~By Joanna Fuchs

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas

Hello everyone, hope you aint all snowed in and your Christmas preparations are coming along nicely. I had another quiet weekend. We have snow now in Ireland too so it's beginning to look alot like Christmas. We're snowed in yesterday and today as our lane has a very steep hill so today they are trying to clear it so we can take the cars out.

So I wrapped some of my presents,

And started to compile my wetland bird identification booklet which includes characteristics to identify each species and a sketch of each. I have the Swans and Geese almost complete, it takes awhile to draw the sketches, I then have to arrange them in my book and add photographs and more sketches, I have about another 60 to do so that will keep me busy over the Christmas. Here are a few examples

On Saturday I started this.... Any guesses what it is?

Did you guess right??

I think it looks quite cute, I finished it last night.
So let me know what you have been up to? I have some more Christmas gifts to buy but I will have to wait until the snow clears and it stops freezing.

Some Simple Seasonable Treats for kids to make...

If you'd like alittle treat and some fun with the kids here are some Christmas recipes for you to make whether your having friends over or just for a wee treat. Hope some of you try them out. The basic ingredrient is Kellogg's Rice Krispies Breakfast Cereal. You will find the recipes on the Kellogg's Website.

Festive Fruit Wreaths

Happy Snappy Holiday Trees

Lots of Kitchen Inspiration....

Here is a whole lot of kitchen inspiration, you have to forgive me as I do not have the sites where I got the photographs, bad blogger I am!!! I promise I will start to blog properly and give credit to all those who designed or sell these kitchens (so if you come across them let me know or I can remove them). So from these photographs you will gather that I'm liking white, cream and light wood kitchen units, with clean simple lines. I love the cream and white as it means you can accessorise with any colour you like and it won't look dull. Plus a bright kitchen is always nice, once you have enough time to keep it nice and clean that it. I also like a workstation in the kitchen with shelves and a desk, that way you can keep all your cookery books, kitchen planners and letters at hand but neat and tidy. I also like free standing dressers to display all your lovely china. I also think a kitchen diner is nice with two windows because at the end of the day the kitchen is the hub of the home and we spend so much time there, I hope you enjoy looking through these kitchens.


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