Lots of Kitchen Inspiration....

Here is a whole lot of kitchen inspiration, you have to forgive me as I do not have the sites where I got the photographs, bad blogger I am!!! I promise I will start to blog properly and give credit to all those who designed or sell these kitchens (so if you come across them let me know or I can remove them). So from these photographs you will gather that I'm liking white, cream and light wood kitchen units, with clean simple lines. I love the cream and white as it means you can accessorise with any colour you like and it won't look dull. Plus a bright kitchen is always nice, once you have enough time to keep it nice and clean that it. I also like a workstation in the kitchen with shelves and a desk, that way you can keep all your cookery books, kitchen planners and letters at hand but neat and tidy. I also like free standing dressers to display all your lovely china. I also think a kitchen diner is nice with two windows because at the end of the day the kitchen is the hub of the home and we spend so much time there, I hope you enjoy looking through these kitchens.


  1. thanks for leaving a comment!!!

    i see an "island theme" in your kitchen selections! sweet selections.

    you cross stitch, so do you also embroidery?

  2. bad blogger, good kitchen choice;))

  3. wow i love those white kitchens, wood dresser units...such lovely inspiring kitchens!! sooo my style as well ;0)xx

  4. I have to agree with you, white kitchens are my favorite too. I think they look clean, tidy and pretty. You chose such pretty kitchens. I especially love the photo in the middle with the big white island. I could definitely see myself in there cooking!

    Thanks for the lovely posting!
    Have a wonderful day!

  5. Thanks for popping in and leaving a comment.
    I like your selection of kitchens,but especially the one with the red check chairs and blind.My kitchen is tiny,but I've managed to squeeze in a little dresser for all my china!
    Bella ripped up the floor(lino) when she was a pup,and we've still got the horrible brown boarding that was underneath!
    Lovely colourful Xmas 'eats' too.


  6. I'm dreaming of a white... kitchen... too:)))
    I already foud one in Homebase and in Ikea but we are low, moneywise, hmmm... but I love Your pictures and will think about them when I will be decorating kitchen:)

  7. Oh what I could do in a kitchen like those! (sigh)



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