Just another Manic Monday---> Nooo, it was a Festive Fun Day Monday

Hello all my blogger friends, this evening I started putting up the Christmas tree and decorations. I was busy taking everything out and putting it up around the sitting room, and then I went to look in the box to get the remainder of the decorations and there was my wee cat Suki sitting in the box, talk about making yourself at home! She was rather comfy and liked the decorations.

So as Suki relaxed I got to work, I have nearly all the decorations up but there are a few that I want to finish tomorrow. Here are a few of the decorations in the sitting room. Here is the crib/nativity, my dad made the frame out of wood and I added the bark and mosses last year, its amazing how well they kept, isn't it, I will add some more moss, holly and ivy tomorrow.

Some santas and snowmen from over the television

The top of the crystal cabinet

Some decorations from the mantle piece

Some more wee decorations and cards

And here is my tree, I want to hide the wires underneath but I will get around to it Tuesday evening

Here is one of my favourite decorations.

I also made these two very quick decorations today made from green and red ribbon, cutting from old christmas card and pine cone.

I have my pine cones dried off a little as they were soaking wet, have you many ideas of what I could do with them???

I was thinking of incorporating them into my garland, any other ideas from ye all are very welcome. I hope ye are all getting into the festive spirit, I will wrap my presents sometime this week too and put them under the tree, it looks like I have lots of presents then :) Have you put your tree up yet? I know some of ye have as I have seen it on your blogs. Christmas blessings...


  1. I love using pine cones in decorating! I so love this time of year, don't you? Your home is looking very festive. Have a beautiful week and Merry Christmas!

    Christmas blessings,

  2. You have your own furball. I also see that she has the run of the house too! Very sweet.

    I use pinecones wherever I can and the best thing is, you can leave those decorations up all winter. Have you ever tried spraying them gold or silver?

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. First, Suki is an awesome name. Second, love the penguin. :)

  4. Another cat who likes cardboard boxes, we have a cat called Larry who prefers cardboard boxes to a proper little soft pet bed.

    I used to paint or spray pine cones in gold, silver or any colour that would match your scheme.

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  5. Thank you all for your kind comments.

    Sandi I do love Christmas and this year I am getting more into the festive spirit, Happy Christmas to you too :)

    Beautiful Living & Isabelle, I have no gold or silver spray however I have used white snow spray which looks very pretty and hopefully will go nice with the berries when I get them.

    Jessica, thank you for visiting my blog, your new website is brillant, ye should all go check it out at http://www.booshy.com

  6. You have a cat! My cat is called Duffy but sometimes DD Duffy Destructor, guess why;)
    I am much more in Christmas mood this year too. Lovely decorations:) You could spray the pine cones gold or silver put some real Christmas tree, few bubbles and big candle, like here: http://www.westcreations.com/holidaydecorations_files/img_candlearr016.jpg


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