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Hello everyone,

Hope you are all well. Apologies as I have been busy and haven't had much time to blog. I have completed my review for the magazine and have the interior design photos taken of my home, fingers crossed some of them will be used. I will keep you updated on them anyway. Here is one of the images I have taken of my kitchen.

The weather was lovely and sunny here today in Ireland but this evening is getting dull again, the rain is never far away. What have you all been up to?

Life in Rural Ireland

Good evening everyone, it's the weekend again :) I have been busy this week with work, the farm and pottering around the house. I also have some exciting plans. I am reviewing a product for a magazine and got it in the post this week so I may post about it on my blog. Also I have been contacted by IKEA to feature my home on their website so that is exciting for me too. My house is still a little sparse as I don't have all my furniture and interiors finished yet. We have settled in well into the new home, my favourite room is the kitchen and I tend to spend most of my time in it as it is quite large. Above is a photo of my dining table with some of the wildflowers I picked. Notice the sun was shining for a change. Today was warm but quite overcast, I wanted lots of sunshine to take good photographs but it didn't happen today!
The weather is still poor here in Ireland, above is a photo of the sky one of  the evenings this week and it looks like an Autumn evening, doesn't it? Have you any nice plans for the weekend?

Picking some wildflowers...

Over the last few weeks I have various wildflowers in my home, I just pick then on my walks around the farmland. Below are a few images of the types of flowers you will find on my kitchen table today.

All the above images are from Wildflowers of Ireland Website which has an array of beautiful and colourful wildflowers to be found all over Ireland. I honestly never knew we had that many.

How do you like your bedroom....

I came across these wonderful bedroom images below on the House to Home website, what do you think? I love them all, some are country cottage style, others lovely pastel colours, some vibrant colours and lots of patchwork and pattern too. You could spend ages and ages on their website looking through all the interiors, so much inspiration.... Now all I have to do is decide what way I want my spare bedroom to look...

{All images: House to Home}

My weekend in Pictures....

Hope you all had a nice weekend, I went to visit my parents at their holiday home and took the above photographs while I was out and about. The cottage is just a random cottage that was near the sea, it is pretty isn't it! I wish the rain would stop here, it's very miserable.


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