Saint Patrick's Day Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Duit

Wishing you all a wonderful Saint Patrick's Day from Ireland :)
Here are a few of my own photographs of my lovely Emerald Isle, hope you will take a look through them and enjoy some of the sights of Ireland.....
A traditional Irish thatched white washed cottage

The ruins of an old castle, there are a lot of ruins dotted throughout the countryside

A monastery at a graveyard where monks once lived

A view of the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean.. next stop America..

A wonderful rainbow... can you see the pot of gold..

The lakeshore over from my house

Another pretty quaint thatched cottage with dry stone walls..

Solis Lough Eske Castle now converted into a hotel

A railway cottage at an old disused railway line

Cattle grazing in the fields.. a very very common sight

And some sheep too...

An old stone outhouse possibly an old granary

An old derelict farmhouse

Winding country lanes

Reflection of the fields and hedgerows in the lake

Another quaint country cottage

Another castle located on an island in a lake


  1. Happy st Patrick's day to you.
    your photos are lovely it looks so beautiful there, how lovely to have a lake across from your house.

  2. Oh how fabulous hun!
    I am sooo all looks beautiful!
    Hope you're having a lovely day...left you a wee message earlier...
    Happy St Patrick's!
    Karen x x x

  3. thank you for being our tour guide this morning! ireland is so beautiful (even if you don't have *Lucky Charms* cereal --- wink).

    is it quiet there? sometimes i wished i didn't hearso many jets, trucks, traffic, lawn mowers...

    happy st patrick's day!

  4. Lovely post today. Makes me feel like holiday!! Have a happy St. Patrick;s day. Too bad we do not celebrate this day over here in The Netherlands...

  5. Happy St. Pats day!! You live in a beautiful

  6. Oh I really appreciate the info on (Top of the morning)I have a love for Ireland from just what I see from your pictures. Have a nice St.Patricks Day any way.
    Love from America(Darn Yankies)

  7. Happy St. "Patty's" Day! ;) Love the pics and hope to visit there someday. It looks so beautiful!

  8. Thank you everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Saint Patrick's Day, I missed the parade here at home as I had to go away :(

    Gypsyrose we have lots of lakes everywhere, our town has about 400 people but we have 3 lakes within the town boundary so its nice.

    Janean yes it is very quiet where I live, we are very remote the nearest large town with around 6,000 people is over half an hour away, we are two and a half hours away from the nearest city.

    It was great to have today off work and just relax :) Thanks for stopping by!

    All things nice...

  9. Happy St Patrick's Day to you too! I thought of you this morning and just knew you would be posting some beautiful images of your Emerals Isle! So pretty.
    Good day to you,

  10. Happy St. Paddy's Day, loved the tour of Ireland.

  11. Hello: Your blog was brought to my attention by a friend who found your blog mentioned because we were all posting sayings etc about St. Patrick's Day. I live in Canada and we quite like to wear our green and spout silly sayings on this day. Especially when our grandparents came from your lovely country. I last was there visiting family in 2006. We long to go again. The little white cottage looked just like the one in the village of Kilmacrennan in County Donegal. My husband's grandmother came from there. So, have a great day and it was nice to visit your lovely blog. Valerie

  12. Oh, I have been enjoying your blog for a while now but particularly loved today. We went to Ireland a year and a half ago and we loved it. I took so many pictures of the sheep - I just loved them!!!! With there colorful hind quarters. The country is beautiful and we (or I) very much hope to go back some day. Thanks for sharing these wonderful things with us.
    Maureen in Maryland, USA

  13. Enjoyed seeing your pics of Ireland so much.Mr Boo was born there and we went for a holiday a few years back.It was one of the best holidays I've ever had!He comes from Bandon,Co you know that area I wonder?
    Although his Dad came over to England when MR B was nine...his heart was always in Ireland.

    Bellaboo :o)

  14. Awesome pictures! Reminds me that there are so many beautiful places that are less noticed. Thanks for sharing these. And oh, you take pictures really well. Good job! :)



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