I'm spoiled...

My good friends got me these lovely Cath Kidston mugs as an engagement present. I love them, I suppose you could say I love all things Cath Kidston but they are a treat for me, as I find they are on the expensive side. I did treat myself to the bluebell hand cream earlier in the week too! 

Some winter clothes

Here are some of my new winter clothes. I've starting moving at last, have all my kitchen ready now including dinnerware and glassware. Bedroom furniture arriving in the morning, lots of packing to do now! One of my friends called today with a big hamper full of goodies and new saucepan set. I was delighted with them. Also got my proof wedding invitations today which I am happy with. Christmas is almost here, hope you have all your presents wrapped.

All that glitters...

Today I love...
Glittery high heel shoes, do you like them? 

Have some wonderful weekends

Here is a lovely book to have on your coffee table, just to pick up and take some inspiration from. It would make a great Christmas present too. I hope you are all near ready for Christmas. This day next week is Christmas Eve! How do you spend your Christmas Eve? Do you relax with family and friends? Or perhaps you always forget some presents or cards and need to run to the shops to do some last minute shopping? Do you prepare some of your Christmas dinner? 

Made By Girl Inspiration...

How adorable are these posters and prints, they are really vibrant and very stylish too. To check out more of this range visit Made by Girl. Made By Girl is owned by Jen Ramos and is a real inspiration to women. She does custom art, prints and greeting cards and also sells her original art via  Cocoa and Hearts
{All items from Made By Girl}

Goodbye Suki...

Our little cat Suki has been ill over the last week, we brought her to the vets and she was on antibiotics, but two days ago she went outside and has not returned. The weather was very cold last night with snow and Suki still has not returned, it is almost 48 hours since she left. I'm afraid that poor Suki has passed away. She wouldn't be able to survive the cold weather, we have checked everywhere for her but she is gone. 
Goodbye my good friend, I will miss you loads..... 

Pretty Christmas Posters

Apologies everyone I don't have the source for these images, as I saved them last year, but if any of you know where I picked them up, please let me know and I'll source them. Thanks. Hope it's beginning to get festive where ever you are!

My spare bedroom...

Some images of items you will find in my spare bedroom. I spent this afternoon cleaning floors, cleaning my new kitchen units, trying to order wedding invites and moving a few items to the new home. What have you been up to? I am finished with my job and starting my new job in January so that gives me a bit of time to start ticking items of my "to do" list. Tomorrow I want to try and move some furniture to the new house but it is so wet I may have to wait until the rain clears. 

Net curtains, are they a thing of the past?

I don't think so!!! I love them, check out these beautiful ones from IKEA. I think they are so delicate and pretty and really add to any window. They are not as cold and imposing as roller blinds and are easily washable. 
{All images from IKEA}


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