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Here is a lovely book to have on your coffee table, just to pick up and take some inspiration from. It would make a great Christmas present too. I hope you are all near ready for Christmas. This day next week is Christmas Eve! How do you spend your Christmas Eve? Do you relax with family and friends? Or perhaps you always forget some presents or cards and need to run to the shops to do some last minute shopping? Do you prepare some of your Christmas dinner? 


  1. I cook the turkey Christmas eve, then hop on the bus with my daughter for some sale shopping :) A meal out, at 16 its the only day we're seen together! In the evening its wine, curry takeaway and classic sitcoms like Steptoe and On the buses. Gotta recreate some 70's nostalgia.

  2. I bought this book a few years ago and also started reading Elspeths blog. It is so lovely and she was so inspirational. When i found out she died a while ago i was so upset. Its such a shame her writings couldn't help her xx

  3. Lissy Lou,

    Imagine I saw this blog about a year ago and loved it. I never knew it was Elspeths blog, until you posted here, what a coincident! I love her work.

    All things nice...

  4. I love books like that, the illustration on the front along makes me want to buy it, and yes Christmas shopping is always left until the last minute in our house! xxx

  5. That book is fab - I read it this summer. It gives you lots to think about, doesn't it???
    On Christmas eve, I normally go to church with my mom, sister and lots of (female) family friends. Our 'men-folk' go to the village pub. Then we all meet up at the pub for dinner!!! I love it!!! This year we're spending Christmas with my husband's family, so I'll really miss the 'usual routine'. :-(
    Hope your preparations are going well.....


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