Highlights of 2014- Treasure your memories and they will last forever....

To round off the year I have decided to recap with photographs that I took throughout the year.

I don't want to bore you with too long a post on the New Year so below are just a few of the highlights of 2014;
  • Completed Blogging your Way E-Course with Holly Becker from Decor8
  • Holidays included visiting- Venice- Italy, Kotor- Montenegro, Athens- Greece, Islands of Mykonos, Kefalonia and Corfu 
  • Short trips around Counties Cavan, Meath, Fermanagh, Donegal, Galway, Mayo, Longford and Leitrim
  • Dining at Richard Corrigan's Virginia Park Lodge 
  • Joined Instagram
  • Spending time at home enjoying life in the Irish countryside
  • And most importantly enjoying time with friends and family

Around my Home 2014
From top left: 1) Dried Hydrangeas 2) My living room at night 3) Kitchen dresser 4) Hall table 5) Library /Study/ Attic Room 6) Stocking up on fruit 7) Cath Kidston in my bathroom 8) Re-arranging my dresser 9) Christmas at home

My Lifestyle 2014
From top left: 1) Reading the Glass Painter's Daughter 2) Cath Kidston inspiration 3) Sketch I bought from car boot sale 4) Writing away at the kitchen table 5) Walking around the farm in my trendy Hunter Wellies 6) Reading The Hidden Cottage 7) New Mission Statement for my blog 8) Notebook from The National Trust 9) Long nights at the wood burining stove.

Happy Christmas to each and every one of you.....

Happy Christmas Everyone. Hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday with family and friends. I went to my parents for dinner after Church and then visited my inlaws and wrapped up the day watching TV with husband. It was a lovely relaxing day. It even snowed here in Ireland this morning to add to the festive feel. Hope you are having a lovely time and relaxing.

My Tree through the Seasons...

You may have noticed that I post a lot of photographs from around home and the farm on my blog. Below are a few images of my favourite tree which is on the top of the hill at home. I have started to photograph the tree through the seasons, below I have Summer Evening, Summer Day, Autumn Sunset and Winter Sunset. It is both amazing and wonderful to see nature and the landscape change around us through the seasons. Have you a favourite tree?

Christmas at All things nice...

The Christmas decorating is almost complete here at home. My husband has the large tree put up in the sun room, it is around nine foot tall. It is so big and full that I can put the Christmas cards through it for decorations. It is a real tree that he cut from the local woods. I always love having a real Christmas tree in our home. I was busy decorating it this evening. The smell is lovely. We also have a smaller artificial tree in our entrance hall too. I have to finish the garland over the fireplace nearer the weekend as the foliage dries out fast. Hope you are all set for Christmas now.... I would love to see some images of your home at Christmas.

Christmas Decorating using Winter Foliage

Hope everyone has a nice weekend. Imagine we only have one more weekend left until Christmas. I started decorating the house this weekend, using lots of foliage I picked in the hedges and woods around  the farm. I have just a few more decorations to put up and more holly to pick. Here is an image of the arrangement I put on my entrance table in the hallway, do you like it? I might add some more holly to. I'm getting my Christmas holidays on Thursday :) Have you all your decorating done? 

All things nice... on Instagram

So I eventually got an instagram account
If you would like to follow me, here is the link http://instagram.com/allthingsnice_4life/
I have nearly no followers yet as I'm just getting to grips with it...

Hope you have a nice weekend. 

Christmas Jumpers? Will you or won't you?

Do you wear Christmas Jumpers? I have seen some pretty ones this year, although I like them I don't wear them.  Here are four I found over on asos. Asos has a great range of clothing online and I love browsing through their website.

Christmas Jumpers are fun! I perfer the blue and white snowflake and reindeer one. Have you bought one this year, if so I would love to see a photo of it?

{Images asos}

Winter and What I've been up to.....

What have I been up to lately?
Below is a little collage of photos I took recently. I have spent a lot of time indoors as the weather hasn't been great. Today was miserable, however whenever I go out I bring my camera with me.

From top left:
1.Sunset yesterday evening over the lake shore- how beautiful is that sky.
2. A lovely graceful swan on the lake
3. Sparkly fairy lights on my kitchen dresser, I visited IKEA a few weeks ago and bought more fairylights.
4. Reading The Hidden Cottage- I'm enjoying it but reading it quite slowly.
5. A winter walk in the local woods- the landscape is just beautiful in Winter.
6. Eating fruit this weather to keep the colds and flus away.
7. A visit to the park.
8. Another evening sky at home, spot my favourite tree too.
9. Our cottage through the hedge.

What have you been photographing lately? It is hard believe it is the 1st December, I'm listening to Michael Buble Christmas and drinking tea at the fire. Roll on Christmas......


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