Winter and What I've been up to.....

What have I been up to lately?
Below is a little collage of photos I took recently. I have spent a lot of time indoors as the weather hasn't been great. Today was miserable, however whenever I go out I bring my camera with me.

From top left:
1.Sunset yesterday evening over the lake shore- how beautiful is that sky.
2. A lovely graceful swan on the lake
3. Sparkly fairy lights on my kitchen dresser, I visited IKEA a few weeks ago and bought more fairylights.
4. Reading The Hidden Cottage- I'm enjoying it but reading it quite slowly.
5. A winter walk in the local woods- the landscape is just beautiful in Winter.
6. Eating fruit this weather to keep the colds and flus away.
7. A visit to the park.
8. Another evening sky at home, spot my favourite tree too.
9. Our cottage through the hedge.

What have you been photographing lately? It is hard believe it is the 1st December, I'm listening to Michael Buble Christmas and drinking tea at the fire. Roll on Christmas......


  1. Lovely pictures and love those beautiful sunsets. :) Yes, now I'm ready to go all in with the Christmas prep and enjoy that cozy Christmas feeling.

    Have a great Tuesday and take care!♥


  2. Wow, the swan is sooo beautiful!!! Love them :)


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