One can dream, can't they? Border Oak Homes

I know I have a brand new home in the country which I am delighted with... but I can still dream can't I? I have fallen in love with these Border Oak Homes since I first set eyes on them. They are full of character, old world charm and look so cosy and country cottage like too. Once we had our home built I said never again, there was so much organising and managing on it however if I won the lotto I want one of these!!! You really should check out their website, the finish of the homes are superb and as for the interiors, I just love them!!! So fingers crossed I win the lotto and then I will be contacting Border Oaks to come here to Ireland to build one of these perfect homes for me, overlooking the lake down the long lane. I even have my site picked! What are you dreaming of today???

{All Images from Border Oak Blog}

Come on in and make yourself at home...

Hello everyone, hope you are having a nice weekend. I am pottering about the house this morning doing a few jobs. Have the dinner on now so just relaxing a bit. I recently purchased a small unit for my entrance hall. It fits nicely underneath my stairs as this space looked very bare. I find that I have very little accessories for my new home and have put this damask pattern lamp and cushion here for the moment. I am on the look out for a nice light green colour lamp and cushion instead as I think they would suit much better. What do you think? The wee bird candle holder was bought in Homebase and the statue of the man and woman was a wedding gift we received. Have you any photographs of your hall, or any entrance halls that you think are inviting? If so, please let me know, as I'm looking for inspiration....

{All images my own}

Nominations in Blog Awards Ireland...

I know many of my bloggers are not from Ireland, however you should all know about The Blog Awards Ireland 2012. As you all know Ireland is a small country, divided into counties. Our counties are quite small geographically and therefore we have a strong sense of community spirit and know a lot of people at a local level. But blog land is totally different, it is my connection with the rest of the world. I follow blogs from all over the world, read about the culture and lifestyles from Australia to Alaska and visit online shops from all over the globe. I have over 300 followers on my blog and I have never met one of you but the Blog Awards Ireland is bringing together the Irish online community with a single event to celebrate blogging right here in Ireland. Since I started blogging in 2009, the number of Irish visiting my blog has increased dramatically.

My blog is purely a blog on my life in the countryside, my home and basically all things nice... I do not have an online business and I do not benefit financially from my blog, but I suppose in my own way I do promote Ireland, particularly rural Ireland and all things rural from our heritage, our wildlife and our crafts to our shops, our lifestyle and our traditions. My blog is very basic in style, layout and content but I enjoy blogging and I would much rather blog and read all about other people's lives, their businesses and their culture than watch tv.

I am going off the point here so basically what I want to say is, if you follow any blogs from Ireland and think they are worthy of being nominated for an award, you should visit the Blog Awards Ireland. Nominations close on 16th July.


Fancy some tea with me?

One loves tea, do you? How do you like yours? In Ireland we drink a lot of tea and I am always happy with tea, however these pretty vintage style tea cups just don't hold enough for me. I have a favourite mug of course both at home and in work. Hope you are all having a nice week, the sun is shining and it is time for me to go and do my jobs on the farm. Have some tea on me, ahhh go on, go on....

Farm Chicks

The Farm Chicks....

Serena is the face behind Farm Chicks. She founded The Farm Chicks Show, established, and authored The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen and the Farm Chicks Christmas. 
She is a wife, mom, entrepreneur, author, and Contributing Editor for Country Living Magazine.

Are you a farm chick? Well firstly what defines a farm chick? Serena defines a Farm Chick "as a girl who sees the world through rose- coloured glasses. Shes loves her family. She laughs alot. Shes farmgirl meets Fifth Avenue and with a little style, she'll change the world".

{Images: The Farm Chicks}

So let me know, do you think you are a farm chick?

Crochet Cushions, Hanging Hearts and Art....

I treated myself at the weekend to these cute accessories for my home, a cute crochet cushion and this cute heart. My husband also bought this lovely art canvas for over our wood burning stove, it is a scene from Galway City.

Hope you are all having a nice week and the weather isn't too bad where ever you are!

Green Walls/ Living Walls....

How about adding some green into your home...
The images below are all Green Walls/ Living Walls and Vertical Garden images from Green over Grey Living Walls and Design. They are an American based firm who install these wonderful creations. I love them and think they are really innovative, they bring life to otherwise bland buildings and create living works of art. If I were living in an urban area I would love one of these. My home is surrounded by wide open countryside with lush green fields for miles, but a green wall would still look good somewhere in any home or even a garden. What do you think??

{Images: Green over Grey}

Today I love...

{Images: Moroccan Pouffe}

{Image: Pip Studio}

{Image: Yankee Candles}

Today I am liking moroccan pouffes, pip studio cushions and the lovely scent of yankee candles. The sun is shining here in Ireland again and all is busy on the farm. Hope you all had a nice weekend and to all in the UK hope you have a nice extended weekend and enjoy the celebrations.

Come explore parts of my home

Images from around my new home... Top left; my kitchen dresser, top right; light in my double height hallway, middle right; images of fruit and items on my dresser, bottom; pretty china teapot I received as a wedding gift, window in my downstairs shower room (this photo was taken at night hence the darkness outside and finally print of owls in my study.


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