Crochet Cushions, Hanging Hearts and Art....

I treated myself at the weekend to these cute accessories for my home, a cute crochet cushion and this cute heart. My husband also bought this lovely art canvas for over our wood burning stove, it is a scene from Galway City.

Hope you are all having a nice week and the weather isn't too bad where ever you are!


  1. Fun pieces! I really love the Galway art :)

  2. The crochet cushion is cute - where did you get it?

  3. The crochet cushion was purchased in Vobe Interiors Leitrim but it from the Sass and Belle range. I just popped in when I was going by. I was abit disappointed it wasn't Irish though. My attempts at crochet weren't great so I decided to buy it.

    All things nice...


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