Green Walls/ Living Walls....

How about adding some green into your home...
The images below are all Green Walls/ Living Walls and Vertical Garden images from Green over Grey Living Walls and Design. They are an American based firm who install these wonderful creations. I love them and think they are really innovative, they bring life to otherwise bland buildings and create living works of art. If I were living in an urban area I would love one of these. My home is surrounded by wide open countryside with lush green fields for miles, but a green wall would still look good somewhere in any home or even a garden. What do you think??

{Images: Green over Grey}


  1. love it! not sure it would work on my old house but it adds something different to a modern house.

  2. What amazing photos!!! I want that house in the top photo!!! ;-)

  3. These are a fantastic idea. Wall flowers get their name from where thy grow, so why not grow them where they want to be.

    Must be great for people living in the city to create a space to garden. I wonder what veg can be grown in them?


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