An Autumnal Evening Walk....

The evenings are getting shorter but I still try to get out for an evening walk. Above are some images from my walk around the farm. The colours of Autumn are so beautiful. Unfortunately you cannot see much colour in these photographs as it was getting dark. I'm off work for a few days so will be relaxing and enjoying our long weekend here in Ireland.

Urban Nexus Initiative- Researching and Reinventing Space...

As most of you may not be aware, my background is in urban and regional development, I have also worked in heritage related posts and in rural development. I am a qualified planner and did some teaching too. I am also a farmers wife, may I add. So today I would like to introduce to you, The Urban Nexus Initiative. This initiative was initiated by two of my  friends whom I met when we pursued a Masters Degree in University College Dublin. While we have gone our own ways career wise since, we are still in contact and enjoy meeting up every so often.

For those of you who are not from Ireland or are not aware of the Initiative, it is a design and research based programme developed in 2010. It's main aim is to explore cities using alternative techniques and methods in order to inspire creativity and originality in the city design. It is all about more holistic approaches to how the urban realm is designed in the modern day city.

In order to put this into practice, they have developed the XXI Century Liffey Project (The Liffey being the main river which flows through Dublin City). This is an urban design project to re-vision and re-imagine the Liffey Quays for the XXI Century. It is basically about the River Liffey and its quays- an iconic space in Dublin City, but a space that seems to have been left behind. Through the project they aim to re-imagine the role the quays play in the XXI Century Dublin by considering design as the vital element in the creation of dynamic and interconnected spaces. They have began to stimulate discussions and debates through various methods including a number of exhibitions, lunch time talks and seminars prior to any proposed plans for the area. Ultimately they hope to initiate new ways of thinking which can be applied to the wider urban areas of Dublin and other cities alike.

{All images from Urban Nexus Initiative}

My new home...

Here is an image of my new home... hopefully we will get the outside completed within the next year. Do you have an image of your home?

Pinterest and Magazine Features....

I have joined pinterest and haven't had much time to get around to blogging as well these days. If you would like to visit my pinterest page, please pop over and become a follower. I would love to see all your boards and pins too so share your pinterest boards with us. There is such much inspiration on pinterest- I love it!

I posted a few weeks back about my magazine reviews. My review featured in Irish Country Magazine which I was very proud of. For those of you that are not familiar with this magazine, Irish Country Magazine is bursting with fashion, beauty and lifestyle tips, features on inspiring rural women, makeovers with women who love farming and fashion, health, beauty and wellbeing. It's got interiors inspiration, gardening pages and how to grow your own vegetables. My next magazine feature will be on IKEA's online magazine for Ireland which will feature my new home, they contacted me through my blog :)


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