Visiting Venice

Last week we went on our holidays. The weather was lovely and warm. We visited four countries- Italy, Croatia, Greece and Turkey. We flew into Venice which we visited two years ago. It is such a unique place, below are some photos of our two days there...

Just Kidding Around with these Cute Goats

I know I posted already about the Tullamore Show, but I had such a good day and saw so much that I will have to share a few posts of my photographs from the day. Below are pygmy goats which were adorable, I wanted to bring them all home with me. They look like they are lots of fun and really energetic.

Tullamore Agricultural Show A Celebration of Country Life

Today myself and my husband visited the annual Tullamore Agricultural Show. It was nice to get a break from the farm and spend some time away. I enjoyed all of the livestock and the craft and flower displays. There were so many animals and rare breeds. It was a great day out! As you know if you read my blog, we don't have sheep on our farm but I really like them. Below are some of the lovely sheep I photographed today. Which is your favourite? I love them all!

Decorating and Gardening

Hello all, sorry for the lack of blog posting. Other social media (aka Instagram) was where it has been happening along with my garden. Lots of gardening taking place at All things nice... I now have lavender, sunflowers, blue hydrangea, roses and lots of other pretty flowers. The weather last night and today is playing havoc with them... it is sooo windy. Yesterday was a lovely warm day so I got the garden mowed, but then it just changed and we had rain all day long today. Anyways it is such an Irish thing to keep talking about the weather...

I have also been busy cleaning and tidying the house and getting my sun room in order. I'm now enjoying spending time in here. It is eclectic but just what I want... In comparison to my living room which is very colour coordinated in greys, white and blue... Sorry about the dark photos but the weather hasn't been good for photographs today. Hope you all had a lovely weekend and have lots planned for August....


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