Is your hall door this interesting??


These doors are all so unique, I took the photographs while on holidays in Madeira. They are really interesting, located in the Old Town of Funchal.

Autumn is here...

There is a chill in the morning air...
Time to get the warmer clothes out...
Spending more time indoors...
Stocking up the timber logs for the stove...
And spending lots of time drinking tea and keeping cosy at the fire... oh and blogging too. I love Autumn time...
All images from House to Home

All things nice... Shortlisted

I got some good news when I returned from my honeymoon. My blog has been shortlisted in the Best Personal Blog Category of the Blog Awards Ireland. Blog Awards Ireland will bring together the Irish online community collaborating in a single event on 13th October 2012 to celebrate blogging in Ireland. Before this event the finalist list will be published on 29th September, so fingers crossed for All things nice... The Awards offers businesses an opportunity to increase their visibility and prominence in social media circles. With more people being guided in their buying decisions by bloggers rather than friends opinions, blogging is a considerably influential tool in word of mouth marketing. The main sponsors of the Awards is Grafton Media and the Best Personal Blog category is sponsored by Red Oak Tax Refunds. Thank you to all those involved in the Awards and for all those blogs that have been shortlisted..

Grand Designs visits Ireland

For those of you interested Channel 4's Grand Designs programme on TV tonight at 9:00pm is visiting Co. Roscommon, Ireland. It features a restored castle on the shores of Lough Key in Co. Roscommon. The owner is a local actor who has spend over €1 million on the castle to date. He is believed to be a cousin of Prince Michael of Greece. I'm looking forward to seeing it. For more information visit Channel 4.

More photographs of Funchal, Madeira

As promised, here are some more photos of our trip to Madeira, all of the images below are of Funchal the capital city of Madeira.

Old Town

View from Marina back to town

Urban Garden

Old Town

Taxi Rank

Marine with cruise liner
Boats at Marina


Catch up & Honeymoon Photos

Sorry for the lack of blog posting lately but last Saturday the 2nd September, we went on our honeymoon. We just got back today. As some of you may know, we got married in February but waited to go on our honeymoon until this month. I will post some photographs of our trip for you. We went to Madeira and stayed in the Cliff Bay Hotel which is part of the Porto Bay Hotels and Resorts. The flight took just over 3 hours and for those of you who may not know, Madeira is a Portuguese archipelago located some 1,000km from Portugal and 600km from Africa. It is an oceanic volcanic island. Today I will show you some photographs of the Cliff Bay Hotel where we stayed, it is a wonderful hotel and I would highly recommend it.

Entrance Garden

Main Entrance


Hotel on cliff

Rose Garden
Lower sea level swimming pools

Lagoon Bar and swimming pool

View of Funchal Marina from fourth floor balcony
Side view from balcony
View of boats sailing by from bedroom balcony on fourth floor.
Next post will include more photographs of Funchal the capital city of Madeira.

A stroll through rural Ireland....

Over the road from our new home is an almost forgotten laneway which is rarely used. On Sunday we went for a nice long walk taking in all the beautiful wildlife and scenery all around us...
What a majestic oak tree...

As we continued along the lane it became very apparent that it is no longer in use. Years ago many families live in this lane and it once was a public routeway, however today it has become a forgotten land..... Home to an abundance of wildlife...

A hidden lake...

Just the sound of bird song...
Until it became almost impossible to get through.... We did make it through eventually! I often wonder is there many other forgotten places like this all around the country. Do you know of any? I love exploring these hidden lands...


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