More progress on my new home & life in general....

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. I'm very busy with work and planning the new house. I'm still painting the new house, I have most of the ceilings upstairs painted and today I went to the local hardware store to pick paints. I saw this lovely Nordic Breeze paint and thought oh yes that would look lovely in my bathroom ...
I thought it was a nice grey colour as per the inspiration booklet but it's much more blue than it first looked so I am going to pick a different paint for the bathroom, perhaps a greyer colour. I picked Little Blue for our bedroom as shown below. I like this shade of blue for the room along with the white ceilings as it is very calming. One of the other bedrooms is all white and I'm thinking Magnolia for some of the others. The study, walk in wardrobe and the storage room will be white also. I ordered my kitchen this week too :) Got the granite for under my wood burning stove as well. Almost all walls inside are now plastered. 
 I'm picking paint from Dulux so if any of you have any recommendations along with images of your rooms in those colours I would love to see them as I don't really know what to use and also they look alot different on the walls than in the booklet.

This is how my stove surround should look when completed- I'm hoping anyway!
Next I have to buy all internal doors.
I also bought a new car earlier this month as I do so much travelling for work and petrol was getting so expensive, I bought a diesel one.

As you can imagine I am trying to save every penny/ cent I have now. Hope you are all having a lovely weekend. The weather is dull enough here in Ireland. What are you all up to for this weekend?

Tea Pot Lane...

This Summer why not escape to Tea Pot Lane Luxury Campsite in rural Ireland. It looks so pretty :)

{All images from Tea Pot Lane Luxury Camping}

Kitchen decisions...

I have a plan got for my kitchen and having googled images on the internet I came across these images below from Woodale Designs that are very like my proposed kitchen. The cooker hood will be almost the same except I will have an oven underneath and spice drawers at the side of it. My island will be straight not curved as my budget won't stretch that far. I will also have a built in fridge and some presses at the end wall rather than the full presses here.
The plasterers are finishing off inside the house these days, we put an undercoat of PVA sealer on the walls, so it's time for painting at the weekend :) Yes, progress at last....
All images via Woodale Designs

A new addition on the farm...

Here is the newest arrival on the farm, he is hidden in a wee burrow in the straw, that's his mother's ears in the front of the photograph. He kept hiding on me when I was trying to get a photo. We have named him Tommy!

Red Brick homes...

Do you live in a red brick home? These homes are in Dublin, I didn't ask the owners permission to take photographs but I was just walking up the street. The area I live in has very few red brick houses they are not traditional to our area, however some of the older railway buildings are built of brick. There are alot of brick buildings in Dublin City and also Northern Ireland but in rural Ireland the traditional buildings are mostly stone. Some modern houses are made of brick but I don't think they look as well as the more traditional red brick.

Kitchen Inspiration: White with A Pop of Colour

The kitchen is one the most important spaces in a home. Apart from indulging in all your epicurean fantasies, it is the place where one can enjoy some family camaraderie and have sit-down dinners with loved ones. Despite being a core factor in a home, the quintessential kitchen is often neglected in terms of design and tends to be more utilitarian than stylish. Give your kitchen a makeover without any hardcore remodeling and assuage the monotonous by injecting splashes of colour in your décor. Demonstrate a progressive sensibility by purchasing colourful dishware, going for accent walls or opting for trendy kitchen island lights.

Paint The Wall


The quickest way to inject color in a kitchen is to paint it in a bright shade.  No need to paint the entire kitchen in vivid hues, as focusing on an accent wall achieves the same result. You can also paint the wood cabinets or the furniture in bright colours and opt for a sedate white for the walls. Or try the opposite, by opting for white lacquered kitchen accessories like a dining table, pendant lighting and flooring, and contrasting it with a brightly colored accent wall.

Colourful Backsplashes


Be it a traditional styled kitchen or something more mid-century modern, chances are, it has been done predominately in white. For that added dose of vibrancy and color, splurge on a kitchen backsplash in shades of chartreuse, champagne, and turquoise, as it will contrast wonderfully with white.

Purchase Signature Lighting Fixtures


Another nifty way to augment the kitchen décor is to purchase an avant-garde light fixture. Binge on a retro styled pendant light or opt for unconventional kitchen island lights.  A little pop of color can insert vibrancy even in the most minimalistic kitchen.

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Home Appliances


These days home appliances are the perfect mesh of form and function. Utilitarian purpose is no longer the key factor when designing appliances, as the market is flooded with colourful and funky home appliances. To introduce stunning splashes of colour in your kitchen, shop for appliances in pulsating colors.

Have A Seat


Upholster the kitchen chairs in any shade that catches your fancy. Don’t mind going on a shopping spree? Then select kitchen stools and chairs in vibrant hues like green, red and yellow, and place them next to a white countertop. Make sure to add colorful pendant lights into the mix. The contrasting colors will highlight a more harmonized design approach.

Kitchen Utensils


The cheapest way to add some hue in the kitchen is to flaunt brightly colored kitchen utensils. The utensils can range from pots and pans, to teapots, to bowls, to even oven mittens. But, just ensure they are displayed in plain sight.

Experiment With Cabinets


No kitchen is complete without cabinets or a shelving system. Update both and ditch the clichéd wooden tones and finishes. Instead, paint them in a bright hue or opt for a color-tinted stain, to make them juxtapose with the monochromatic colour scheme of the walls or the floor.

Content provided by Arcadian Lighting, a site that specializes in top quality lighting fixtures at extremely affordable prices. Come visit us today!

School time...

While on our drive on Sunday, we stopped by the entrance to this school, some of my boyfriend's cousins went here as boarders. As I am interested in architecture I really like it. It also reminds me of the books I read as a youngster Malory Towers. Did you like school? Were you a boarder. I was a day pupil, I loved primary school but secondary school I didn't like as much. I didn't study that much but got enough points to go on to University- 3 in total. I studied for over 18 years, am I mad.... I was an eternal study for awhile. But I learned alot and about so many subjects but I also know that alot of people who are very academic minded are not necessarily streetwise or personally well developed, some almost lack social skills. That's my thought for today, and we never stop learning do we?

Shabby Chic Couture from Rachel Ashwell

Today I stumbled upon Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic which was founded in 1989. Her philosophy is beauty, comfort, and function. You have to check out her website and blog for yourself to see it all- so girly, so pretty, so shabby chic!

An Irish Lighthouse...

Would you like to stay in an Irish Lighthouse? Well with the Irish Landmark Trust you can, check out their lovely properties on their website from cottages, gatelodges to schoolhouses and towers, take your pick!

A view of the land...

Last weekend we went for a walk around my boyfriend's land, here are some views of it across the lake shore.

A weekend on the east coast...

At the weekend I met up with some friends and visited the east coast of Ireland, here are a few photographs, hope you enjoy.
Here is an architecturally designed house we spotted along our walk. It is almost hidden in the landscape. I'm more of a old world girl so modern architecturally designed houses aren't always my thing

Some Wedding Dresses fit for a princess

Well we all saw the Royal Wedding Dress which was beautiful, but which one of the above would you choose?


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