More progress on my new home & life in general....

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. I'm very busy with work and planning the new house. I'm still painting the new house, I have most of the ceilings upstairs painted and today I went to the local hardware store to pick paints. I saw this lovely Nordic Breeze paint and thought oh yes that would look lovely in my bathroom ...
I thought it was a nice grey colour as per the inspiration booklet but it's much more blue than it first looked so I am going to pick a different paint for the bathroom, perhaps a greyer colour. I picked Little Blue for our bedroom as shown below. I like this shade of blue for the room along with the white ceilings as it is very calming. One of the other bedrooms is all white and I'm thinking Magnolia for some of the others. The study, walk in wardrobe and the storage room will be white also. I ordered my kitchen this week too :) Got the granite for under my wood burning stove as well. Almost all walls inside are now plastered. 
 I'm picking paint from Dulux so if any of you have any recommendations along with images of your rooms in those colours I would love to see them as I don't really know what to use and also they look alot different on the walls than in the booklet.

This is how my stove surround should look when completed- I'm hoping anyway!
Next I have to buy all internal doors.
I also bought a new car earlier this month as I do so much travelling for work and petrol was getting so expensive, I bought a diesel one.

As you can imagine I am trying to save every penny/ cent I have now. Hope you are all having a lovely weekend. The weather is dull enough here in Ireland. What are you all up to for this weekend?


  1. I'm spending this weekend getting ready for a trip to Ireland in a couple of weeks! I think the hardest part of painting is selecting the color! LOVE the woodburning surround! What a great idea.

  2. I love the blue colour, but I agree about it being so hard to choose the right colour paint - they always look different on the walls! Try getting a few little tester pots, they are only 99p each or so to test them on the walls first, saves buying tins of the wrong colour! The fire surround will look great, just a word of warning though, don't let the wood stacked at the side touch the stove. I accidentally set a wood pile on fire that was stacked against my stove! Fortunately I managed to get rid of the wood into the stove and out the window before anything else caught fire! :) x

  3. Hi! So exciting and confusing to make so many choices! I read this great colour website - And she suggests that you use testers to paint a piece of card and move that around the room as the colours will change with the changes in the light throughout the day. She also has some suggestions about how to look at the paint chips you get in the shops. Hope you love the colours you choose!

  4. That photo of the stove surround is lovely! That would be perfect for the wintertime. My Mum painted our bathroom a pale sea-green colour but the colour you've picked does look nice, those calming blues, greens and greys work well in a bathroom I think. xxx

  5. It's so hard choosing the right colour isn't it? They look so different when you get them in your own house, and in different lights too.I love what you have chosen so far.Lucky you getting a wood burner...I would love one!

  6. This takes me back - when we built our own house we ended up re-paining several rooms cos the chosen paint just didn't look right! Its not easy is it .... and I know we ended up getting 'choosing fatigue' in the end!


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