My 1st Attempt @ Card Making :)

Well how is all in blogland today, seems like everyone has snow, apart from me, there is freezing fog outside and my college was cancelled today. It is very very cold but again tonight I'm snuggled at the fire with my cup of tea :) This evening I started a new cross stitch pattern which is progressing very very slowly. Then I  looked through lots of my magazine for interiors for my inspiration booklet. If you have a home interiors book of your own full of inspiration I'd love if you'd share it with us on your blog, let me know if you have :) I then started my card making, here are some photos of them, they look a wee bit amateurish but it was my first attempt. It is so simple ain't it and cheap too by recycling all the old cards. Sorry the photographs aren't great.

Suki is indoors all day keeping warm here she is half asleep on the arm cover of the chair. She is generally not allowed on the chair, bold kitty!!! She never opens her eyes for photos either!


  1. Darling I stumbled upon your blog and I am glad I did. You have a lovely blog and a new I enjoyed browsing through, good job.

    Love & Hugs

  2. You have the touch! The card is fantastic! great job! Seeing photos of Suki always relaxed...makes me wish I was a cat with such a loving owner and living in such a cozy home.

  3. Thank you so so much for visiting me the other day and leaving such a sweet comment..I am so glad you I have found you and your lovely blog. I use to make cards all the time..but lately no time. Your cards look so lovely. I love the image of your sweet cat...Suki. I think I just may have to follow you...I see the sweet Duchess has...she is one lovely will so enjoy her blog.

  4. Hello hello and happy new year!

    Card making a favourite pass time of mine, I love upcycling old card and paper, I am off to work today or might just have got my scraps out and joined you!

    Pretty new header too!

    Sarah x

  5. It's great fun making cards isn't? I gave all my stuff to Amy as she is much better than me at doing it! Keep it

  6. Happy New Year Ashling!!! I hope You will keep going with Your crafts! I enjoy a lot pictures of Your kitty:) My Duffy is in heat, ho... than ever, grrr...
    I hope all Your heating works, the evenings are so cold here, we bought some polish coal, it is great:)

  7. Are you sure there your first cards they are brilliant love the papers you have used, keep it up
    you are a busy lady I love seeing all your different creations,
    love the photo of Suki as well.

  8. thanks for your comment - I really appreciated it.

    I'm making a card for a very dear friend's 50th birthday & I know she will appreciate it -so carry on you are doing a good job xx

  9. Great first cards! Most buttons and things will fit - just don't make them stand too high off the cards. I'll have a problem posting the shooting stars one here - - but it'll be in a box with my brother's present so should be ok. The others should be fine and the dog sticker at the end of that post easily sticks out the height of a button. So my advice is - give it a go - you'll do great!

  10. Sorry just realised that'll be garbled for everyone else - I was just replying to a comment on my blog - sorry!

  11. Your cat is precious!! Thanks so much for all of the sweet comments that you have left on my blog. Stay warm and I hope you have water now!
    ~ Traci

  12. Very nice cards.. well done : )


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