Weekend Wishes...

It's the weekend again already. I had a busy week this week. Hope you have some nice plans for the weekend, I intend on doing some sewing, visiting friends and a bit of cleaning. I just made some shepards pie for dinner. Yum yum, I'm not the best of chefs but it turned out good. Also changed bed clothes nothing like the softness of clean bed sheets :) I also did some sewing it's been awhile since I had the chance to sew :) What are your plans for the weekend???


  1. You are busy bee All Things Nice:)
    We will go tomorrow or on Sunday hiking in the mountains, it depends from the weather and also chill out with a glass of wine and few films:)
    I didn't forget Your surprise:) I just wait for two girls, need addresses and wait until they will be back to their countries:)
    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Have a fabulous weekend! Glad you are keeping busy :) I love vegetarian Sheppards Pie...I hope you get your 'happy mail' soon! xoxo

  3. Bonjour,
    I bet that pie is delicious, you need some nourishment after all the work you've been doing :) My honey and I have a quiet weekend planned which is just fine with us!
    Bon weekend to you too!

  4. just stay home and watch a movie marathon...it's how i relax.
    enjoy your weekend!

  5. Oh - I hope you have a great weekend. Mine has already started and for once I'm ahead of my house cleaning and am sitting out enjoying the warm weather. Good luck with the sewing - I hope you manage to post it.

  6. I have a 21st birthday party tonight.
    Catching up with a dear friend tomorrow and some relaxation, I hope! I try not to make firm plans as they never seem to work out for me. I'm more spur of the moment person.
    Monday it starts all over again.
    Happy weekend all!!!

  7. Monika and Laurie Anne- thank you so much, I am really looking forward to receiving my surprises :) How exciting, I'll be like a little kid waiting on the postman.

    I hope ye all enjoy the rest of your weekend. Odette, Crafty Mermaid and Bonjour Romance sounds like ye will have some 'me time' and relax. Love and Light oh a birthday party hope you have fun. I know what you mean about making plans, sometimes its just best to take it as it comes :)

    All things nice...


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