A Look Back Over Some of My University Work....

It's Saturday- Welcome to the Weekend :) I didn't get up to much creative crafty things today :( Last night I went through some of my University course work from years gone by. Here are some of my sketches from university which I like and enjoyed doing, yes you may have gathered I'm a nerd! I love study, study and more study! The nearest University to me is over 70 mile away  though so when I was in University I had to live away for a number of years, I attended two universities and also completed a distance learning diploma course from another of our universities. In Ireland we have around seven universities. I have considered doing a PhD only I really don't want to move away again and work in the city, I'm a country girl at heart and home is where the heart is! I'm hoping to stay all my life in a rural area as I don't like all the rushing around, the traffic, alarms, crowds etc.. I know some people love life in the city, all the shops, the cultures, the hustle and bustle but it ain't for me. I like small rural village life. I love to wake up in the morning and hear nothing only bird song, look out the window and see nice green fields, hedges and the lake. Go for a walk in the peaceful countryside.Oh yeah sorry back to some of my college work/notes...

This wee sketch was part of a Space Place and Quality of Life assignment.
It involved selecting an individual human being and identifying the space occupied by that individual in a typical week of their life. The individual componenents of this space had to be analysed as well as the interactions between the space and the life. It then had to presented on a presentation board. I decided to base my assignment on a close friend who is confined to her home as she is limited in terms of her mobility. This is a wee sketch of her tiny living room which she keeps so pretty with all her personal items.

This is a view out of her window from her living space

As she lives at the end of a T junction she has a clear view out her window to the village square with market house as shown in the sketch above, sorry the photograph is abit sideways.

Another view of the market square
 Last night was a cold one , the fog fell over the hills in the distance and it was very frosty out so I made sure I wrapped up warm, had lots of supplies in for the weekend and drank lots of tea at the warm fire :) The weather is very cold here in Ireland again today, it started to snow this morning and now the water mains pipe is frozen and all the people along our lane have no water! :( Hopefully it will be sorted soon. Here is a photograph of yesterday evening.


  1. I'm very envious of your country life....I live in a city but hate it :(
    maybe one day.....
    Lovely sketches....you should frame and hang them as a happy memory.
    Hugs Karen x x x

  2. How lovely to look back! I often think to get out my old hairdressing files and photos to have a look at...maybe I will!

    Lovely photo...its really cold here to!! xxx

  3. I'm still kinda jealous of the snow - my parents are without water for the last week but it still sounds kinda cool! :)

  4. I'm a country girl too! The only time I lived in a city was 2 years in Italy.....it took all that time to get used to it..YUK! xxx

  5. And isn't blogging a wonderful thing! I just commented to another blogger in Kuwait. I love it! It's not such a huge world after all. Ireland is one my (very) short list of places that we would love to visit. My hubbies grand father was an Irisih immigrant. Your blog is lovely, I am off to browse some more.


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