Curtain material....

I have picked this material for my curtains in the snug. We have two windows and my aunt makes curtains so she will be making them for us :) They are traditional, both nice and bright too :)
Sorry I haven't blogged in soo long, I am really busy, almost ready to move house, I'm still organising our wedding and on top of that I had an interview and I have got a new job which I will be starting in the new year, so it is really busy. It will be a new chapter in my life-new house, new job and new husband in February :) Hope you will all continue to follow my blog and my adventures in my new home, new job, almost a new life....

Mirror mirror on the wall

Today we stopped by Argos and bought this mirror for my downstairs toilet. I thought it was pretty. Hope you all had a nice weekend. It's great just to get some time off work and time to relax. 

Almost ready to move....

Some images of my new home below. We are still waiting to get the electricity connected but apart from that we can start to move in. We are really looking forward to it. I have been designing my wedding invitations tonight too :) I think they are looking nice too, if I must say so myself.
Canopy and tiles in the kitchen

 New wood beam in place. I am picking wallpaper for the two side walls, rather than paint the walls different colours. 

New stairs in place, there are men varnishing them this week, they are almost finished. We haven't decided if we are going to put carpet up the middle yet.

Doors varnished, the glass is ready to be installed this week. 
Things are progressing so quick. I have so many things to do this week, the list is getting longer day by day. 

Light up my new home...

Hello all, hope you are having a nice weekend, the sun is shining here in Ireland which is great. Below are images of some of the new lighting in my new home, hope you like it :) I will have some new photographs on the progress for you soon, we are almost finished now. We have painters varnishing the stairs and doors today and then have two wooden floors to lay and once the electricity is connected, we are ready to move!!

Light for snug

Light for dining area
Light for over the kitchen island 

Light for entrance hall


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